Venture X memberships are flexible to suit the needs of you and your business – whether that’s securing a long term base, a flexible arrangement while your business goes through a period of flux, or simply on-demand desks, office space or meeting rooms. You only pay for what you need.

You’ve nothing to fear. All of the walls in our workspaces have been constructed to high acoustic levels meaning your conversations stay within your four walls. We have soundproofed phone booths from Room.com dotted around the space too, for those times when you don’t want your colleagues listening in!

We have installed SALTO Systems smart access control in all our workspaces which lets you track and control remotely who comes in and out of your office at any time. We also have CCTV at all entrances and in shared spaces, lockers onsite for desk users, and our staff retain a presence at the front desk permanently during office hours and know all Member’s names and faces. Online security is equally robust – each business gets a dedicated and secure company VLAN with one username and password per user.

We have TWO 1gb fibre lines coming into our workspaces from different entry points, from two different providers, all connected to a backup power supply. Just in case the worst should happen. Doing some particularly heavy lifting? We’ll look at the analytics, find a cost effective solution and turn up the dial for you.

You sure can. With a desk or office Membership you have lounge access to any of the 40+ (and counting) Venture X locations worldwide, whether you’re stopping off at Miami International on business or on holiday in India.


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