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Here are 9 Reasons Your Startup Needs Office Space

As a startup, investing in office space in London can be an intimidating prospect. Will it be worth the investment? Is it really needed? Luckily, there are options for startups that allow you to have that valuable working space in the heart of the capital without the need for a costly investment. Here are 9 reasons why your startup can benefit from a serviced co-working space in West London:


Co-working office space means that you can benefit from a huge range of amenities that wouldn’t be available when working remotely from a cafe or home. To make life easier for your business, serviced offices can provide everything from tech-enabled board rooms, soundproof rooms for confidentiality and podcast rooms to gyms and cafes. Having these helps to bring your team together and improves their wellbeing as well as providing the vital facilities to ensure the smooth running of your business.

Even the more basic amenities can be crucial to your startup. A reliable internet connection, a private place to make a confidential call, desks that are comfortable to work at or a communal area for networking are all benefits you don’t want to scrimp on. All of these can be invaluable at the early stages of your business and for building your reputation.

These amenities help to provide structure and an environment that can be instrumental to growing your business. At our flexible office spaces in Chiswick Park and White City, we ensure all of our amenities are of the highest quality, from state-of-the-art AV, IT support and security to ergonomically designed workstations and easy to book conference rooms. The only thing you need to focus on is what you do best. 


Co-working spaces can be a breeding ground for collaborative work and building a supportive network. You can learn from and share ideas with other companies and people that share similar values and drive. Sharing your workspace can build mutually beneficial co-operative relationships with other startups as well as more established companies to help build your network. These can be invaluable for businesses in their infancy.

Being around people with different skill sets, of different backgrounds and with different approaches and experience can help to keep your startup healthy and your team motivated. From coffee in the morning to a private meeting space for brainstorming ideas, working in the right co-working space brings you into a thriving community.

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You’re only as strong as your team. According to an analysis of why startups fail by CBInsights, 14% of startups fail because they didn’t have the right people running the business. Attracting the right talent to your business can be the making or breaking of a startup. The best workspaces will help you bring the right people to your company and help to keep them motivated. 

This is why we place emphasis on the quality of our co-working offices at Venture X. From the location to the interiors, from the ergonomically designed furniture to the executive boardroom, we can help to ensure you’re attracting and retaining the team you need to succeed.

As well as attracting the best people to your team, having a professional workspace, reliable connectivity and clean, fully-serviced meeting rooms can attract the best clients and investors too. It will also help to build and develop their trust in your business and brand. 

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Shared workspaces can offer a cost-effective alternative for startups to renting a private office space in the city. There are no chunky deposits, office fit out costs or utility bills and there is no lengthy search to find the right building in the right area. Everything from security and technology to design is taken care of for you in a fully serviced office, without the financial risk.

Whether you need a few desks with occasional access to a meeting room or you need to cater for a larger team, your office needs can be designed for your business to allow you to adapt your workplace as you grow.


To rent a private office space not only requires a hefty deposit but it can often tie you into a contract for several years. This may not be viable if you’re at the start of your journey and you’re unsure of what the future holds. 

Venture X’s workspaces ensure you only pay for what you need, when you need it, providing your startup with a fully flexible workspace. There are no long term contracts if you don’t want them. This offers your startup more flexibility so that as your business grows, so too can your workspace. 


Find a brand that aligns with yours and use the workspace as a tool to build your office culture. Gone are the days of soulless offices with grey booths, uncomfortable chairs and even more uncomfortable colleagues! Through co-working spaces you can choose a workspace that is right for your business, has the required ambience and allows you to build a culture conducive to your startup’s success. 


Beautiful workspaces and changes in the working environment help to boost creativity and productivity – ensuring you get the most out of your team and its potential. Each aspect of our office spaces in West London has been designed to be spacious, bright, stylish and comfortable to ensure you and your employees feel happy at work. 

West London has long been a hub for creative entrepreneurs so there’s arguably no better place to be amongst like minded individuals and businesses. Working in a well-designed, stylish space with all the amenities you need allows creativity and performance for you, your startup and your employees to thrive.

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Working remotely can leave you and your team feeling isolated and unmotivated both personally and professionally. There are benefits that have come from the need to work remotely over the past year or so and working online has never been easier thanks to advances in technology and the likes of Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. However, face to face meetings and physical interactions can’t be replaced by virtual meetings and having the space to work together can be central in building teamwork, competitiveness and camaraderie. 

recent study by McKinsey & Company showed that 52% of employees would prefer a hybrid working model, being able to choose between their desks at home or at work. Younger employees were also found to favour having a workspace over working from home and so having an attractive office space in the city could be crucial in appealing to younger talent when building your team. 

Flexible serviced office spaces provide the perfect middle ground for startups. They offer you the ability to work in a productive, well-designed office space with everything you need on site. For a strong work life balance, they also provide the vital social interaction and connectivity that people crave from their work environment.


West London provides a vibrant and inspiring base for your startup and is already home to tens of thousands of well established businesses, entrepreneurs and new and growing businesses. 

As well as having great links to central London and suburban areas, West London opens up your business beyond London with easy access to the largest airport in the world, Heathrow, the M4 and national rail links to the Midlands, Wales, south-west and the north-west. This provides exciting opportunities to open up your business internationally as well as nationally.

Being on the doorstep of London’s west end and home to the world famous Natural History and V&Q museums, there’s no better place to entertain your clients, your investors or your team.  

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How we can help

There are many options for startups and the workforce has arguably never been as flexible as it is now – however, we would argue that any startup needs office space. Having an office at a premium location, however, doesn’t need to come at an extortionate cost. To find out more about the shared flexible workspace options in West London with Venture X, download our brochure here to see our full range of flexible offerings or book a tour today to see how we can help your startup. 

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