How to Get to Venture X White City

White City is an iconic hub for the media and fashion industries and is fast becoming a highly coveted west London community. It has undergone a huge multi-million pound reinvestment to build thousands of new homes as well as hospitals, schools, university buildings and parkland. Home to Imperial College London, Westfield and the BBC (now ITV) Broadcast Centre it really is a cultural beacon to work. It has abundant transport links based on the Central Line, Circle and Hammersmith and City Lines and is within walking distance of Shepherd’s Bush. With plentiful work opportunities, as well as hybrid and flexible office space options, here is a rundown of some easy commutes to White City:


White City is a great option for South West Londoners looking for a workspace. Our offices are a short walk from Shepherds Bush station, which is less than a 15 minute London Overground ride to Clapham Junction.

For Londoners set on a home life south of the Thames, this quick and easy train offers an attractive commute. As is true across London, the further out you move the more affordable rent and property prices become. However, you don’t have to forego sought after workspaces if you live further afield.

If you have easy links to Clapham Junction you can easily get on the overground to get to our offices to make the most of our unparalleled meeting rooms, boardrooms, event spaces and recording studio at Venture X. Areas from Croydon to Kingston upon Thames all offer commutes via Clapham Junction with a total journey time of less than 50 minutes.

For those based in London, the White City bus station is also a stone’s throw away from our workspaces providing numerous options for those who prefer not to travel by train or the underground.

South West London Overground


Living in London isn’t for everyone and many decide to live a quieter lifestyle with more space. If you’ve swapped the city to live a slightly more rural life then you can still enjoy the benefits of our stunning new shared workspace in White City. It is conveniently located on the A40 opening up numerous commuter towns across the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

It’s easy to benefit from our enviable office space in London by jumping onto the A40. Whilst Oxford is just over an hour’s drive, High Wycombe is just a 40 minute drive and there are plenty of other hidden gems in between.

There is plenty of parking in Westfield for a reasonable price of £8.50 a day. So it’s perfectly possible to explore the green expanse of the Chiltern Hills at the weekend and yet still be within easy reach of the Capital’s offerings to lead your business to success.

With average house prices in High Wycombe at £443,718 (Zoopla) compared to London’s £655,840, you can enjoy life in a large market town nestled in the valley of the River Wye and still be a 40-minute drive from our beautiful shared offices.

Public transport also offers a reasonably short commute time of less than an hour via Chiltern Railways and onto the Hammersmith and City Line.

Commuter towns in this area can offer great value for money and a lower cost of living as well as easy access to west London, whether you’d prefer to travel by car or train.

Oxfordshire, England


If you work with international clients, White City is one of the best commuter areas from Heathrow. Our shared workspace provides a great option for meetings or events less than an hour from one of the largest airports in the world.

There are numerous options from Heathrow. You can take the Piccadilly Line from Hatton Cross at the airport and change onto the Hammersmith and City Line, in just two stops you arrive at Wood Lane underground station, a two minute walk from our offices.

Alternatively, you can get the Heathrow Express to Paddington. This gets you into Paddington in just 15 minutes where you can then get on the Hammersmith and City Line to White City.

For those working regularly with international clients and colleagues, you can save money on the Heathrow Express through their multi-ticket offers offering more affordable travel options from the airport with an attractive commute time.

Plane at Heathrow Airport


White City can provide an easy option for those outside of the Capital requiring a workspace in London, with easy access to National Rail links.

We’re just a 10 minute tube journey from Paddington station via the Hammersmith and City Line. For commuters travelling from further afield, this can be a great option, especially for commuters from towns such as Reading (30 minutes to Paddington).

The average house price in Reading currently stands at £439,629 (Zoopla, August 2021) compared to London’s £655,840 and the price of a season ticket into London Paddington is currently at £4,860 (based on 5 days a week, 11 months a year National Rail, August 2021). The higher travel costs from living further away are easily offset with lower house prices. Despite being further outside of London, it offers a good balance between a lower cost of living and a good location for travelling into London.

White City really does offer innumerable commuting options, whether you’re travelling within London, nationally or internationally, whatever your preferred mode of transport. If you’d like to take advantage of these easy commutes to our office space and all that White City has to offer, book a tour or download our brochure here to find out more.

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