A guide to the White City area, London

Venture X White City, located next to the unmissable Westfield London, is located in a surprisingly vibrant area far from limited to the shopping centre alone. White City itself is the home of the world famous BBC, and part of Imperial College London. The area also hosted a stadium built for the 1908 Olympic games, which held many events over the years, including at the 1966 World Cup which England won, before being eventually demolished in 1985.

Meanwhile, Westfield London was opened back in 2008, at the time the largest covered shopping centre in London, and by 2018 after extensions it became the UK’s (and Europe’s) largest shopping centre by size. Home to over 300 separate shops, Westfield London is worthy of a day out in its own right, containing a large food court and stores of many varieties.

So, should you find yourself working in the fabulous Venture X White City (nudge nudge), what does that mean for you? What sort of places are around to eat, and what can you do if you have spare time here?

Some food and drink spots around White City and Westfield

Put simply, you’re quite spoiled for choice in this area. Westfield itself is obviously home to a large variety of restaurants, both inside within the food court or along the building’s perimeter, but other areas around the Venture X White City location offer other options that are definitely kinder on the wallet, usually from independent businesses.

We couldn’t possibly list all the good options around the area short of writing a novel, so it’s up to you to do some research given how much is on offer. However, here are four top suggestions, two of which the author has been to!

Flat Iron: good steak in London is very hard to come by without paying the city’s very high prices. Flat Iron is a small chain that sought to end this – they tend to only offer one cut of beef, the namesake flat iron, but do it very well and for a more reasonable price. Their fries and sauces aren’t too shabby, either. Flat Iron can be found on the exterior of Westfield shopping centre.

Liz Cafe: for more affordable grub from an independent store, look no further than Liz Cafe. Located on Goldhawk Road, not too far from Venture X White City, this humble cafe serves the best of British food, from fry ups to eggs benedicts. Liz Cafe is one of many great eateries on Goldhawk Road, so make sure to give others a check too! Like Liz Cafe, most others tend to be very friendly and affordable places.

Pho: one of many possible picks from the Westfield food court area, Pho offers… pho. You know, Vietnamese noodle soup – among other things, of course. It’s fantastic stuff as well – not too filling to the point you feel bloated, just right, and the advantage of foods like pho is the ability to customise what goes in. Like the other food court options, Pho offers great and quick food albeit at a higher cost than what you might find outside Westfield.

Ayam Zaman: located near Shepherd’s Bush Market, on Uxbridge Road, the highly rated Ayam Zaman offers a selection of affordable Middle Eastern food in a casual setting. The restaurant is well decorated with an exposed brick dining room, and definitely worth a visit if you want something different that isn’t available in Westfield.

Things to do in White City with your free time

In the area? Or have some free time in your lunch break? Here are some top picks for what you can do.

Shepherd’s Bush Market: 110 years old and home to a diverse range of sellers, Shepherd’s Bush Market is absolutely worth taking a stroll through. You can buy weird and wonderful gifts here that you certainly wouldn’t find in the more commercialised Westfield, as well as fresh produce. Shepherd’s Bush Market is not one of London’s largest markets, but it is a hidden gem in its own right.

Sixes Social Cricket: imagine a restaurant, but with indoor cricket nets?! Located in Westfield, near Shepherd’s Bush Central Line/Overground stations, this is exactly what this is. Best in small groups, simply book a slot and turn up, where you will be shown to a cricket net. Compete against each other where one at a time, a machine will bowl soft balls at you, with the clever setup determining your number of runs without you having to break a sweat. The food served within Sixes isn’t bad, either. Puttshack offers a similar concept also within Westfield, just this time with crazy golf, as the name implies.

Westfield shops: the most obvious one, isn’t it? Westfield has a lot to offer, from huge department stores to more specialist shops. A lot of the lower level is populated by designer shops, where it can be very fun to gawp at the insanely overpriced items.

So, if we have managed to convince you of the location, then what about our office space in Westfield, White City? Well, not to worry – click here for what a membership can offer you! And of course, should you have any questions or would like a free viewing, feel free to contact us here.

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