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What makes West London a business hub, and a great one at that?

“West London, a business hub? Actually, you’ll find that’s Central London! You’re an idiot.” – you, probably.

Well guess what? West London actually has emerged as one of the UK’s key business hubs, and noticeably so – home to many of the UK’s largest headquarters and boldest startups, it is clear that it’s one of the places to be if you want to set up yourself. But what exactly makes it so great?

Why West London is a business hub

The West has long been the wealthier side of London, especially since the docks started to decline in the East. While not all parts are great (we have to be honest), some areas such as Chiswick and White City are home to a fantastic concentration of talent and resources. West London is a place where you can see the headquarters of many reputable firms, the birth of new and exciting startups, and considerable investment. However, one thing you won’t find in some parts is a coffee for under £5, luckily we have our own delicious (and cheap) coffee at Venture X.

Let’s get into what makes a West London business location so great:

Strategic West London Location and Connectivity

West London is strategically situated between the bustling financial centre in Central London, and some key transportation hubs in the west, notably Heathrow Airport, the Great Western Mainline, the South Western Mainline, and multiple motorway routes. This is particularly advantageous because it combines access to expertise and clients in Central London with far easier access to markets across the rest of the country and abroad.

West London has a Diverse and Skilled Workforce

The business hub of West London boasts a highly skilled and diverse workforce, with a significant concentration of professionals in finance, technology, and creative industries. This means that quality talent is rarely in short supply and ensures that firms have access to the necessary people. London in general is home to a number of top universities such as Imperial College London and UCL, with Oxford and Cambridge relatively accessible too, which ensures that the talent pool is always topped up with fresh faces.

Thriving Business Ecosystem

In terms of infrastructure, West London offers a range of modern office spaces, business parks, and coworking facilities (wink wink) to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. The area also features a number of business support services, networking events, and industry clusters, which is fantastic for the growth of businesses. We all know Deliveroo, right? If not, that might be a bit worrying. ;) Deliveroo is a fine example of a startup from West London – it started small and had the perfect environment to grow.

West London has excellent transport infrastructure

As described in detail further below, TfL is excellent at providing quality public transport across London – West London can be accessed well from all directions, usually by bus, mainline train, Overground or Tube.

Some Major Companies with a Presence in West London

Around the area there are many major companies with headquarters or key offices, making West London a business hub, and impressively so.

Amazon: the e-commerce giant has its UK headquarters in Paddington, West London.

Google: has a major office in White City, supporting its operations in the region.

BBC: the BBC’s famous headquarters, where they produce their declining content, is situated in White City.

Unilever: the consumer goods giant has its UK headquarters in Chiswick, West London.

Two notable locations within West London that are home to many of these big businesses and fantastic infrastructure are Chiswick Park and White City. 

Chiswick Park is one of the UK’s most notable business parks. It’s designed as a series of 12 buildings surrounding an ‘inner garden’ with a lake, waterfall, and landscaped pathways, creating a serene atmosphere for the workforce. The park is home to a variety of high profile names, including Pokemon, CBS, Paramount Pictures, Foxtons, Starbucks, Swarovski, Danone and Discovery.

White City, on the other hand, has emerged as a hub for media and creative industries, partly due to the influence of the BBC. It’s also home to the UK headquarters of other companies such as L’Oreal and Expedia.

Wait – hang on a minute! Did we just mention Chiswick Park and White City? Well, I wonder who could possibly have offices in both of these business hubs…

Enough joking around, no prizes for guessing! The answer is obviously Venture X. Those fantastic coworking spaces we mentioned earlier with delicious coffee? Well, that’s our thing. If you’d like to know more about what that entails, have a look here.

Now, how exactly do you get to our locations?

Venture X Chiswick Park

By rail

Venture X Chiswick Park is conveniently located in West London, easily accessible from Central London and Heathrow Airport. With excellent rail and bus connections, reaching us from various London suburbs is a breeze (assuming TfL does as it’s supposed to).

Venture X Chiswick Park is well-served by three main train stations:

  • Gunnersbury: The nearest Tube station, Gunnersbury, is located just across the road from the Chiswick Park main entrance. Exit towards Chiswick High Road, turn right, and you’ll see the main entrance to Chiswick Park on the left. Venture X is located in Building 7, at the park’s end, right of the lakes. Gunnersbury is on the District Line’s Richmond branch and the London Overground, connecting to Kew, Richmond, Hammersmith, Acton, Willesden, West Hampstead and Central London.
  • Chiswick Park: On the District Line’s Ealing Broadway branch, Chiswick Park Tube station is also a short stroll from our location. Exit onto Bollo Lane, take the footpath left just before the bridge, and use it to cross over into Chiswick Park. Venture X is immediately on the right in Building 7. Chiswick Park is the most convenient station from Heathrow Airport, with a simple change at Acton Town from the Piccadilly Line to the District Line.
  • Kew Bridge: A 20-minute walk away, Kew Bridge is on the local mainline train route between London Waterloo and Hounslow, passing through Clapham Junction, Wandsworth, Putney, and Barnes. It’s also ideal for those coming from Berkshire or Surrey. From Kew Bridge, head left on Chiswick High Road, navigate the roundabout, continue past Gunnersbury station, and enter Chiswick Park. Venture X is straight ahead, to the right of the lakes, in Building 7.

By bus

Numerous bus routes service Chiswick Park:

  • Main Entrance: Buses 110, 237, 267, 440, and H91 stop by the main entrance. From here, walk straight past the lakes to find Venture X in Building 7.
  • Eastern Side: Buses 70 and 440 stop on the eastern side. Walk up the steps, and you’ll find Venture X beside you in Building 7.

Venture X White City

By rail

  • Shepherd’s Bush: A fairly short walk from our office on Ariel Way, Shepherd’s Bush is served by both the London Overground and the Central Line (however, on the latter, White City station is closer to our offices so we recommend using that instead). This allows for easy access from Clapham Junction (and therefore South and South West London), plus access from North London via Willesden Junction on the Overground. Our office is on the other side of Westfield from the station, but luckily you can avoid having to go through the centre itself!
  • White City: The closest Central Line station to our office, this is a fantastic link to Central London as well as the suburbs of Acton, Ealing, Greenford and Ruislip. After exiting, head left down Wood Lane, past Wood Lane station, to get to our offices.
  • Wood Lane: Adjacent to our offices and very close to White City station, Wood Lane is served by the Hammersmith & City and Circle Lines. These lines provide great access from Paddington station, as well as other areas such as Hammersmith and Baker Street.
  • Heathrow Travel: For international client meetings, our White City location is under an hour from Heathrow. Either take the Piccadilly Line from your airport terminal and change to  one of the Hammersmith and City/Circle Lines at Hammersmith. Exit at Wood Lane station, and you’re a two-minute walk from our doors. Alternatively, take the Heathrow Express to Paddington, and change to the Hammersmith and City/Circle Lines, also getting off at Wood Lane.

By Bus:

  • Local Access: The White City bus station is a stone’s throw away, providing numerous bus routes to more local areas to our office.

So if you’re still unsure about coworking in one of the UK’s liveliest business hotspots, have a look at what coworking can offer you!

How to Get to Venture X Chiswick Park

Wondering how to get to Chiswick Park? Set in a fantastic location in West London, our Venture X Chiswick Park location is very accessible from both Central London and Heathrow Airport. Due to the area being especially well connected, Chiswick Park is also reachable by train or bus from other London suburbs.

In this article we will go over the most convenient ways to find us by train or by bus.

Chiswick Park by rail

There are three main options to reach Venture X Chiswick Park by train:


Gunnersbury Tube/Overground station is the closest to our Chiswick Park location. From the station, exit towards Chiswick High Road. Turn right very briefly on Chiswick High Road, and the main entrance of Chiswick Park will be visible on the left, across the road, in total less than two minutes from the station. From the main entrance, walk straight ahead through Chiswick Park, to the right of the lakes, until you reach Building 7 at the end, which is us! Gunnersbury is on the Richmond branch of the District Line, making it accessible from Central London, plus the areas of Kew, Richmond and Hammersmith. It is also served by the London Overground, which connects to other suburbs such as Acton, Willesden and West Hampstead. Remember to double check TfL service updates before you travel!

Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park Tube station lies on the main branch of the District Line and like Gunnersbury, is only a short walk from Chiswick Park itself. From the station exit, turn right onto Bollo Lane. Shortly after, just before the road goes under the bridge, fork left onto a footpath which eventually takes you onto steps and over a bridge into Chiswick Park. Venture X is in Building 7, just on the right as you enter. Chiswick Park is easily reachable from Central London like Gunnersbury, and also represents the most convenient station to use from Heathrow Airport (from Heathrow, catch the Piccadilly Line to Acton Town, and change onto the District Line from there, one stop further eastbound to Chiswick Park station).

Kew Bridge

Slightly further than the other two, at around a 20 minute walk, Kew Bridge is served by local commuter train services, which run between London Waterloo, Clapham Junction, Wandsworth, Putney, Barnes and Hounslow. For those coming from Berkshire or parts of Surrey, Kew Bridge may also represent the most convenient station to use, although it may require changing trains at Feltham. From Kew Bridge station, leave by the main exit and turn left on Chiswick High Road, walking past the leisure centre until the large roundabout. Take care crossing the roundabout – there are some underpasses you can use to get to the opposite side, where you continue along the Chiswick High Road until you pass Gunnersbury station and the entrance to Chiswick Park on the left. Turn left into Chiswick Park and walk straight ahead, to the right of the lakes, until you reach Venture X at Building 7!

Elegant Private Meeting Pods at Venture X Chiswick Park

Chiswick Park by bus

For other easy commutes to Chiswick Park, consider a bus. There are many bus routes serving the area, from different local areas. Buses either stop at the main entrance of Chiswick Park, or by the eastern side.

Bus routes 110, 237, 267, 440 and H91 all stop by the main entrance. From here, Building 7 can be found by walking straight through Chiswick Park, past the right of the lakes.

Buses 70 and 440 also serve the more convenient eastern side of Chiswick Park. From here, simply walk up the steps and Venture X will be in Building 7 right beside you!

For commuting tips for getting to our White City location, see here. Otherwise, if you’d like to know more about what Venture X can offer you, have a look at our packages!

Professional Private Office Facilities at Venture X White City

Venture X: what our office space in West London can offer in 2024

Welp – we’re into the New Year, hello 2024! It’s time to pull your socks up and get back to work. Check out the professional office space in West London Venture X can offer you – and there’s still spaces available!

In this article we will briefly go through some of the benefits you can expect should you join us, as well as some package options so you can tailor your benefits and price to what’s right for you and your business.

Office space benefits at Venture X, West London

Ergonomic furniture: Venture X in West London makes sure to provide super comfy ergonomic chairs and desks. The workspace is designed with you in mind, making sure you can work for long hours without feeling tired.

Lightning-fast internet: In today’s digital age, having fast and reliable internet is a must. Venture X understands this and gives you two lightning-fast internet connections so you can always do everything online without any trouble – whether it’s uploading big files or joining a video call.

Ready to go: No need to worry about setting up your office – we provide fully furnished spaces so you can start working right away, whether that’s in a private office space or in a shared hot-desking area.

Private Meeting Rooms: Make use of our bookable private meeting rooms on site, providing a professional and quiet space for meetings.

Private Phone Booths: For important calls or video meetings that require privacy and more peace than the office can provide, you can make use of our private phone booths in both our Chiswick Park and White City locations. In our Chiswick Park location, there are small private pods outside for meetings and phone calls too, set by the lawns and lakes.

Access to Members’ Events: Venture X is not just a place to work. At both our West London locations, we organise regular networking events where you can meet other professionals. These events not only make your work life more rewarding but allows you to meet like-minded people you may be able to collaborate with.

Community Management Team: Always on hand for assistance, our team will gladly help should you encounter any issues during your time with us.

Tea and coffee. Enough said.

Coworking/Office Space in West London Packages

Now, for the packages we can offer you, depending on your price range and desired benefits.

Community Membership

Our most basic package is that of community membership. This is fantastic for those who generally only need to work from the office a handful of times each month. Starting at £160 per month (plus VAT), included are all the benefits listed above, plus a total of five day passes per month, allowing for hot desking on whichever days you choose to come in.

Ergonomic furniture
Private phone booths
Global lounge access
Secure IT
Meeting rooms on-demand
Members discounts
Events programme
Community Management team
Day passes x5

Hot Desk

If you work from the office more regularly – seeking somewhere more comfortable, or a more professional environment perhaps – then perhaps a hot desking package is right for you?

You will have the same benefits as above, only instead of limited day passes, you can enjoy 24/7 access to the office so you can start working as early, late or as frequently as you choose.

Your membership will give you access to the hot desking area, so it’s a case of turning up and using whichever desk you want that someone else isn’t already sitting at! Hot desk at Venture X for a price starting from just £280 per month (plus VAT).

Ergonomic furniture
Private phone booths
Global lounge access
Secure IT
Meeting rooms on-demand
Members discounts
Events programme
Community Management team
24/7 access

Dedicated desk

Feeling at home in the office? Prefer to have a permanent desk you can always sit at every time you come in? Well, the dedicated desk is for you.

Alongside a permanent place to work inside Venture X, you can also benefit from having on-site lockable storage for your things, alongside making Venture X your virtual office, the benefits of which are discussed further here. Gain your very own dedicated desk starting from just £480 per month, plus VAT.

Ergonomic furniture
Private phone booths
Global lounge access
Secure IT
Meeting rooms on-demand
Members discounts
Events programme
Community Management team
24/7 access
Dedicated desk
Lockable storage
Virtual office

Private office

Need more space for your employees? Venture X is here for you. Starting from £500 per month, per desk (plus VAT) you can enjoy a private office space within our building, plus with the benefits experienced in the other packages.

Our private offices are fully furnished, meaning you can move in right away, and feature smart access to help you control who can come in and out. For privacy and quiet, our private offices also feature extensive soundproofing.

Ergonomic furniture
Private phone booths
Global lounge access
Secure IT
Meeting rooms on-demand
Members discounts
Events programme
Community Management team
24/7 access
Secure private office

So that’s what we can offer. No matter which package you choose, we’re confident Venture X can allow you to work more comfortably and productively than ever before. Feel free to get in touch for a tour, or for more information, have a look at the rest of the website!

Spacious Communal Area Showcasing Lounge at Venture X Chiswick Park

The future office trends you should know about for 2024

I see you’re looking to some future office trends to get ahead of the curve? You’re in the right place.

The world of work is always evolving. Even just five years ago, things were very different – if you had suggested to anyone that a bad cough would spread around the world, force governments all over into lockdowns of their citizens, and that we’d barely leave home for a year or two, you would have been laughed out of the room as some sort of conspiracy theorist. Back then, the thought of video calls as the default way of doing meetings, and working from home as an option for office workers, would have been unthinkable. Yet look at what happened.

It wasn’t just COVID that changed things either. Within only the last two years, we have seen the rise of AI. ChatGPT is of course the most widely used and obvious example, as its broad range of applications mean it can be used by all sorts of people to give help or information on whatever they need.

It’s been a game-changer – whether it’s coding, writing, generation of ideas, you name it, ChatGPT can likely do it. However, a human ‘touch’ has proven to be needed (luckily), but we are excited to see how this will evolve in 2024.

So, what are the next future office trends we should be looking out for? We can never be 100% sure about what will be a hit, and what will be a miss, but here we will list some future office trends you should look out for in 2024.

Future office trend 1: Increasing employee wellbeing in 2024

The idea of office workers staying in from 9 to 5 in a tired office environment is going out of fashion. All the rage these days is about employee wellbeing – firms more than ever are considering factors such as employee mental health and work/life balance to avoid employee burnout and to improve productivity.

If you are a business owner and haven’t incorporated something to ensure employee wellbeing, you should probably start now, otherwise in the future you may find yourself left behind.

What employee would choose an old-fashioned employer with a hard stance on work when they can get benefits elsewhere?

Future office trend 2: Hybrid working

As mentioned earlier, COVID highlighted that an office isn’t exactly necessary for work to be done, considering modern communications technology. Video conferencing is as easy as ever, and there are a variety of messaging platforms too to keep up with progress.

As a result, business owners will have less geographic restriction on the people they can employ – instead of having to interview only the people who can easily commute to the office, and picking the best candidates of that limited selection, businesses can now hire the best people from anywhere.

This means that there will be much more competition for roles – however, there are drawbacks to working from home… That’s why we keep seeing hybrid working as a future office trend in 2024, it gives employees the best of both works, and more flexibility.

Future office trend 3: Greater focus on data within the work environment

Data is a prized commodity within the business world – it is objective and provides accurate and impersonal information on what is going well, and what isn’t so much.

Employees in the future will be expected to have some knowledge of data tools in the office, as well as knowing when and how to use them.
It’s nothing to be scared about, a lot of them are very usable, and all it does is represent a step up in analysis from previously acceptable basic Excel skills.

Office trend 4: Focus on AI in 2024

It has emerged over recent years that AI is not just a helpful tool that makes a lot of everyday tasks easier, but that it is actually the future; those who fail to learn how to use it will be left behind by the job market until they get up to scratch.

ChatGPT receives semi-regular updates with new features and improvements, plus there are new branches of AI becoming available that are able to perform more specific tasks. We expect employees using AI in 2024 more than ever before, this can apply to any industry.

Current workers, and indeed their employers, should make it a habit of keeping on top of AI trends and new uses for it; that way, they can make their work more efficient by making use of whatever new features become available.

The fast pace of innovations in AI will make it very easy to be left behind.

Well, these are our most educated guesses, anyway. At the time of writing, what is being said here looks like the likely direction of 2024; however, don’t stop here.

We think that you should always be on the lookout for future office trends that may come up; if there’s anything we’ve learnt, many of the recent big events that have impacted office life have been unforeseen, react quickly to such new trends when they emerge, and we’re sure you will be on top of all the trends in 2024.

For more office tips and trends, such as the benefits of coworking, why not check out the rest of our blog space here? Have a look at our co-working spaces in Chiswick Park and White City…

Comfortable Communal Seating Area at Venture X

Coworking Improves Productivity at Venture X

How can coworking improve productivity?

Coworking spaces in general are becoming an increasingly popular place of work post-pandemic, especially amongst the younger generations. One reason for this is that they provide the specific environment required to maximise productivity . Productivity is especially important for businesses as essentially is how efficiently employees work. So, how does coworking improve productivity?

Firstly, let’s get into why productivity is so important. Simply put, a business will achieve more in the same amount of time if its employees are productive. Sometimes working shorter hours, rather than the old-fashioned attitude of working longer hours, allows you to get more done even though less hours have been worked. If you are a business owner, productivity is the name of the game. It allows you to accomplish more using existing resources at your disposal, rather than having to acquire new ones.

In this article we will show you why a coworking space is a perfect way to start to improve your business’ productivity, especially compared to working from home.

Working from home leads to poor productivity

During and after the pandemic, many of us got used to remote working from home. At first, many appreciated the convenience of a non-existent commute, but as time went on, problems started to arise. Most notably, this was a general decrease in work quality and productivity – this may have been down to a variety of reasons.

Firstly, those living with family would have been in their presence all day, and as such distractions could easily arise. Second, since home has always been a relaxing space, those working from home are surrounded by lots of home recreational activities, such as the television, gaming consoles and the like. Third, communication is much less efficient with colleagues; instead of asking someone in person and getting an instant reply, you have to arrange a call or wait for them to reply to your message. Fourth, there is no mental separation between places for home and work, and as a result – since you mentally associate your home with relaxation – this attitude spills over into your work.

A study from showed a great increase in the number of respondents who said they work from home in 2022 compared to pre-pandemic (up to 67.6% from only 24.5%). The same study also showed a clear correlation between working from home and increased loneliness. Loneliness is not only a major mental health issue but can itself negatively impact productivity.

Why coworking spaces are the solution to low productivity

Now to answer the original question – how can coworking improve productivity? Put simply, coworking spaces solve many of the problems concerning poor productivity that arise from working at home. You aren’t surrounded by the people you live with, there’s that physical separation from work, and you are able to communicate in person like in a traditional office. However, unlike traditional office spaces, coworking provides some other benefits.

Coworking takes a modern approach to work life. In our shared spaces, there is a large variety of businesses working in proximity to one another. It’s the perfect environment to approach other business professionals and have conversations. A great deal of coworking members in general report an increase in the size of their networks as a result of the environment in which they work.

On top of this, our coworking spaces in London at Venture X offer many dedicated events for networking, which further increases the number of opportunities to gain clients. In fact, according to a survey by, one in two coworking members reported an increase in their income after joining… pretty good, right?

There’s more?

Our Venture X offices also incorporate other features which help the productivity of our members. For example, our modern, aesthetically pleasing workplaces incorporate lots of natural light and plant life, as the physical work environment has been shown to affect worker morale and therefore productivity. Our White City location boasts large outdoor terraces, whilst our Chiswick Park location is surrounded by greenery, outdoor seating areas and even a lake.

Furthermore, there is a less rigid workstyle associated with coworking spaces compared to the strict 9-5 nature found in traditional office spaces. Different people are productive at different times, and the flexibility found at coworking offices allows for people to work in a way that suits them best. This even includes the ability to customise where you work, such as hotdesking amongst other members or having your own private space within the building. The ability to personalise how you work allows you to work closer to your full abilities.

As a result, it’s no surprise that in the same study by, coworking offices are voted as by far the most fulfilling place of work out of all the ‘third spaces’. Third spaces themselves rank as the most socially fulfilling compared to working from home or at a traditional office. So, coworking really is the best thing you can do, both for happiness and the productivity of your business.

If you would like to take the step to making this a reality, have a look at more specific things Venture X can offer you…

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Some New Year’s Office Resolutions for You to Try Out

Well, it’s that time again! The time to be thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. You know, the little goals that you set yourself right after Christmas to work on in the new year – things you want to improve about yourself, things you try to cut out which aren’t good. Things you inevitably sweep under the rug by mid-January when nothing changes. So what will your resolution be this new year? Fix your failing marriage? Solve your mid-life crisis? Get rid of the excess belly fat that’s so large you haven’t seen your feet in two years? Of course not – let’s think on a smaller scale, and keeping things simple, we’ll think of things to change whilst in the office. Some New Year’s office resolutions, if you will.

Smaller goals are easier to accomplish as they often don’t require drastic changes to your lifestyle, and just because they’re smaller goals doesn’t mean they don’t have a meaningful impact. Small improvements – especially if there are a lot of them – can completely change your career for the better.

New Year’s Office Resolutions:

Learn a new skill

If you have free time, why not use it productively and learn a new skill? The world of work is ever changing and you would be wise to keep up. It could be learning a new coding language in little chunks, getting to grips with Excel, learning how to edit, whatever else in your field. It’s certainly a better use of time than allowing your brain cells to wither away by watching TikTok dances. It doesn’t even have to be a huge time commitment – even 15-20 minutes per day really adds up.

Start networking

Instead of spending as much time away from a work environment as you can get away with, for one of your office New Year’s resolutions, consider going above and beyond – start networking! There are bound to be a number of networking groups for you to join, containing like minded business professionals; the benefit of this is not only the opportunities for striking deals and gaining more exclusive opportunities, but the experience of a social setting and meeting people will also help your confidence. Did we mention that Venture X hosts their own networking events?

Increase productivity by changing your workstyle

A few simple changes during the work day can really boost your productivity. A very simple and perhaps welcome resolution could be to take regular breaks in your day – working in a burst then having a break straight after can really help you to focus. Even if you are working for a shorter amount of time, you tend to work more efficiently within it, which can lead to fantastic results. But that’s just one idea. Have a look at our article on ways to improve your productivity for more ideas…

And on the topic of productivity, if you, dear reader, haven’t considered a coworking space, you might want to give it some thought. Working from home is really bad for productivity. If you work from home currently, and would like to make a change to it (and get a whole host of other benefits!) then check out the rest of our website to see if a coworking space is right for you…

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