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Returning to the Office: Tips to Enhance your Productivity

After a rejuvenating summer break, the time has come to say goodbye to remote work setups and embrace the return to the office and hybrid working.

Whether you’re heading to our flexible office space in Chiswick Park or settling back into coworking space at White City, West London, transitioning back to the workplace may require some coordination.

The hybrid landscape has changed, find out more about how we think it will continue in 2023.

Return to the office in 2023

Recent data shows that while some companies are pushing for in-office mandates, the majority are embracing the concept of hybrid work policies.
The shift towards remote work has proven successful for many organisations, and we suspect this trend is likely to continue in 2023.

The advantages of a hybrid workplace policy are evident. Employees enjoy increased flexibility, better work-life balance, and the freedom to work from convenient locations.

Studies have shown that remote and hybrid work can boost overall well-being and increase productivity by up to 6%.

However, as we embrace this new way of working, challenges must be addressed. Collaboration and communication between remote and in-office employees are crucial for maintaining productivity and employee satisfaction.

Providing clear expectations and regular one-on-one sessions can foster a harmonious work environment.

The hybrid work approach also offers cost savings for companies. Reduced office space translates to lower overhead costs, a positive financial impact that Elon Musk and Twitter have experienced firsthand.

Coworking offers a solution as it is flexible, and a new way of working for many companies.

By continuously evaluating and adapting their policies, companies can navigate the challenges of the hybrid workplace successfully.

As we venture into this new era of work, embracing change and being open to innovation will be key to a thriving and productive workforce.

Return to the office Tips

Whether you’re working hybrid or you’re working from a coworking space/office, these are our tips to make a smooth transition and a productive comeback.

Organise Your Workspace

As you step back into the office, start by organising your workspace. Clear any clutter, sort out documents, and set up your essentials to create an environment that promotes productivity and concentration.

A clean and organised workspace sets the stage for a productive comeback.

Prioritise Tasks and Set Goals

Getting back into the flow of work can be overwhelming, so start by prioritising your tasks and setting achievable goals.

Create a to-do list and break down larger projects into smaller, manageable steps.

This approach will help you stay focused and motivated, especially if you’re co-working in West London, surrounded by other driven professionals.

Reconnect with Other Professionals

Take the opportunity to reconnect with other professionals and build a sense of bond.

Whether it’s catching up over a coffee in the office kitchen or collaborating in the shared spaces of our flexible office space, fostering strong relationships with other members of the workspace enhances collaboration and team spirit.

Manage Work-Life Balance

Returning to the office may require adjustments to your work-life balance. As you settle back into the routine, be mindful of maintaining a healthy balance between work commitments and personal well-being.

Take advantage of the amenities available in our co-working space, such as relaxation areas – Chiswick Park is the perfect spot to rewind and relax – or a personalised cup of coffee to fuel up for a productive day.

Returning to Coworking (Chiswick Park and White City)

As the summer season draws to a close, the return to the office presents an opportunity for a fresh start and renewed enthusiasm.

Whether you’re entering our flexible office space in Chiswick park or our co-working space in White City, West London, these tips will help you smoothly transition back to the workplace with a positive mindset.

Organise your workspace, reconnect with other members and manage your work-life balance to make the most of your workdays and achieve new levels of productivity and success.
Visit our website or drop by for a tour to discover how coworking can enhance your work experience.

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