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Hotdesk vs Dedicated Desk: Which is Right for You?

Regular office spaces are so 2015… don’t you agree? ;) Coworking spaces offer a new way of working and have become increasingly popular among freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups over the years. With a range of options available, it can be difficult to decide whether to opt for a hotdesk vs. a dedicated desk in a coworking space. In this article, we will explore the differences, benefits, and disadvantages of each option, helping you to make a decision that matches your preferences and business goals. Here, we will detail the age-old battle: hotdesk vs. dedicated desk!

Hotdesk in a Coworking Space

Have you heard of a hotdesk but are you not entirely sure what it means? Well: a hotdesk is a flexible workspace option, which is ideal for people who don’t require a permanent workspace.

Hotdesk users can sit at any available desk within the coworking space. This option is great for those who require a change of scenery. With two locations in West London, Venture X even offers coworking spaces at different locations. One day in Chiswick Park and the other day in White City (Westfield)? No problem at all!

Benefits of a hotdesk in a coworking space

Whatever the options are you are looking at, there are always pros and cons. Hotdesks in co-working spaces offer a lot of benefits, but as anything, there are some disadvantages as well.

So in our opinion, these are a few benefits of having a hotdesk in a coworking space.

Benefits of hotdesks

Flexibility: one of the main benefits of a hotdesk in a coworking space is flexibility. Hotdesk users can come and go as they please. The contracts are more flexible than regular office spaces, so this is ideal for those who have unpredictable schedules or only need a workspace occasionally.
Networking: hotdesks provide the opportunity to meet new people, which can be beneficial for networking and collaborating. Sitting with new people brings new opportunities, so it’s worth giving it a go.
Lower costs: quite an obvious one, but by renting a hotdesk you will save a lot of money, while still working in a buzzling work environment.

Disadvantages of a hotdesk

If you’re making a decision about choosing a hotdesk or a dedicated desk, it is good to look at the benefits, but also at the disadvantages. We found these are the main disadvantages of a hotdesk in a co-working space.
Lack of permanence. Hotdesk users may not have a consistent workspace and may have to spend time finding a free desk each time they visit.
Lack of personalisation. Unfortunately, hotdesk users cannot decorate or customise their workspace.
Easy distractions. If you’re someone that is easily distracted, a hotdesk might not be the perfect choice for you. With people making calls and chatting to one another it can be hard to concentrate.

Dedicated desk in a coworking space

A dedicated desk is a reserved workspace within a coworking space. It is not as flexible as a hotdesk, where you can just move around all day, everyday. A dedicated desk offers you a secure desk that is yours, whenever you enter the co-working space.

This option is ideal for those who require a consistent workspace and want to personalise their environment. Dedicated desks are also ideal for teams or individuals who require additional space for equipment or storage.

Benefits of a Dedicated Desk in Coworking Space

Consistent workspace. If you require a consistent workspace, and still want to use the perks of collaboration and connections, a dedicated desk could be a good option for you.
More Space. if you require a screen or other hardware/equipment, you can have that when you have a dedicated desk, and you can even bring some personal items to make it feel more customised.
It’s still flexible. When you have a dedicated desk, you’re still able to work from the communal spaces, so if you’d like to switch it up, just get your laptop and work from a different scenery.

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Desk in Coworking Space

Costs. Dedicated desks are more expensive than hotdesks, so if you’d like to save some costs while working, this is not the cheapest option out there.
Loss of structure. If you have more staff members in your organisation, it can be hard to work from dedicated desks. It takes more time to build a good, organisational structure.
Limited Growth. When you’re starting a business, you have a small team or you’re freelancing, a dedicated desk can offer you just what you need. However, there can come a time when you decide to hire more staff and grow your team. It then might be the case that you need to relocate to an office within the co-working space.

What is Right for Your Business? Hotdesk vs. Dedicated Desk

Deciding whether to opt for a hotdesk or dedicated desk in a co-working space depends on the needs of your business. If your business requires flexibility, a hotdesk can be a good option.

Hotdesk users have the freedom to come and go as they please, and connect with new people sitting in the hotdesk areas.

If your business requires a more consistent workspace, a dedicated desk may be the best option. It’s easy to bring your equipment and hardware to your desk, an area that can be personalised and made your own.

Ultimately, the decision between a hotdesk or a dedicated desk in co-working space depends on the needs of your business. Take the time to assess your requirements, and consider the benefits and disadvantages of each option before making a decision.

If you’re interested in having a hotdesk or dedicated desk in a coworking space in West-London, please contact us by emailing:, via the WhatsApp feature on our website or call us directly on 0203 585 2900.

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