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How Much Does Serviced Hotdesking Cost in London?

In 2021 we’ve seen workers desperate to get back to some sort of working ‘normality’. But not everyone has been returning to the traditional office setup. More and more businesses and their teams are looking for more flexibility, using a hybrid model of both, time in the office and remote work. Hot desking in London in a coworking space has been an increasingly popular solution for these businesses and freelancers. Below we’ll explain why – and how much do serviced hot desks cost?

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FAQs for Hot Desking?


What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a system that allows you to use a desk space as and when needed. This usually works on a first come first served basis. These are unassigned desks in a coworking space so you can use them by the hour, day or month as your business needs dictate.

Hot desking cuts down on unnecessary costs for businesses that may be paying for office space with more desks than they need. 

It also allows individuals, entrepreneurs, startups or freelancers without an office to have access to a professional desk space as and when needed without the fixed cost of an office.

How much is an office in London?

Costs of an office space in London varies greatly according to location, type of office space and whether or not there are fit-out costs. 

Commercial office space is traditionally priced per square foot although serviced office spaces are usually charged per desk/person. 

Prices in London can vary from £20-30 per square foot up to £120 per square foot (or more!) for some sought after locations. In general, a generous space would offer 100 sq ft per person and a more efficient use of space would offer 75 sq ft per employee.

According to research by Oktra, more expensive locations include St James’s and Mayfair, Soho and Knightsbridge, whereas Battersea and Nine Elms, Hackney and Stratford remain at the lower end.

Average monthly desk rates per person in Central London sits at £632 for a private serviced office.

How much do serviced hot desks cost?

The cost to rent a hot desk varies according to region, location and other amenities. Some facilities allow you to pay by the hour or by the day while others offer a monthly rate.

Costs per month can vary, with average prices in London being between £100 and £300 per month.  

It is also possible to rent hot desks by the day and even by the hour in some locations.

What are the best London offices for hot desking?

When trying to find the perfect space for hot desking there are several factors you need to take into account including location, price, facilities and needs.

If you’re in West London then come and experience our Venture X offices in White City or Chiswick Park. Our spaces in London offer you unparalleled comfort, hospitality and facilities in a great location with enviable transport links.

Other popular locations for hot desking tend to be those that come at a premium including Knightsbridge, Soho, Camden and Mayfair.

Uncommon in Highbury and Islington is a popular spot further East just ten minutes away from Kings Cross Station. 

Plexel at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park also offers a great space with a focus on collaboration and innovation.

If you’re looking for a hot desk in London in a specific area, you can search sites such as Zip Cube to explore the different hot desking options London has to offer from Camden to Canary Wharf.

How much does coworking cost?

The flexibility of coworking means that it’s very difficult to pinpoint an exact cost. It can vary hugely according to:

  • Location
  • How often you need access
  • If you’re looking for a dedicated desk or if you’re happy to hot desk
  • How many employees require access
  • If you also need regular access to other facilities such as meeting rooms

According to, the average price per desk per month in London is £613 (May 2021).

This can be determined by one or several of the above factors though and, as an average, it is possible to find cheaper options.

Benefits of hot desking

Below are just some of the numerous benefits of hot desking for you and your business:


First and foremost is the cost-saving through hot desking.

Hot desking allows you to be completely flexible in using a workspace. You can choose from working at a hot desk in a coworking space every day or on an ad hoc basis. 

As a smaller business or startup, this could be crucial as you grow.

It allows freelancers, small businesses, startups, creatives and entrepreneurs who can’t commit to a cumbersome contract, crippling annual rents or long term leases to have access to a professional office space.

A private office is not always required and hot desking in coworking spaces can provide a much more affordable compromise.

Flexibility and mobility

For small businesses engaging in a more hybrid work model, employees can share the desks depending on who is in the office and when.

There is no commitment needed and you can expand the number of hot desks needed as required.

Hot desking also allows mobility as well as flexibility for those that move around for work. This is ideal for those interested in or needing to base themselves in different locations.

Through hot desking, you can work at different offices in different locations as you please. You could move to a hot desk to be near to your clients or base yourself somewhere new each month purely for a change of scene!

As well as flexibility with the number and amount of time required, hot desking also allows access as and when needed to other amenities.

Venture X, for example, also has additional facilities such as meeting rooms, private phone booths or even podcast rooms. These are all available on-demand at the same site.

Design and purpose

Unlike some spaces people use for work such as cafés, good coworking spaces for hot desking are thoroughly and thoughtfully designed to improve productivity and creativity and aid concentration. 

Coworking spaces, such as those at Venture X, are built to provide an optimum work environment with state-of-the-art tech and unmatched hospitality services.

This aims to provide their members with the best experience with minimal distractions.

Hot desking spaces with Venture X are also surprisingly social. You’ll have access to the communal area – The Hub – ideal for those looking to network and mix with other like-minded people and businesses. 

Networking and collaboration 

There are plenty of opportunities to meet, mix and learn together. You can make the most of these opportunities through our networking events.

This all helps to provide a community feel with a culture of support and collaboration.

Extra perks

Some coworking spaces come with a few added perks! Our hot desking memberships at Venture X include food and drink discounts at local restaurants as well as gym and wellness discounts.

Members can enjoy barista-standard coffee through our touchless coffee machine by Scanomat

You can also make the most of local pop-up traders and street vendors at our Chiswick location or make the most of Westfield’s amenities at our White City location.

Coworking perks Chiswick Park

Hot desks in London on a budget

Hot desking is the prime example of agile working, allowing the use of a coworking space in London at an affordable price.

For those on a budget, you can find hot desks from as little as £3 per hour or £60 per month.

It is worth bearing in mind some of the cheaper options may have more simple offerings (just a desk and wifi) and some cheap hot desk options may be in less popular locations.

It’s important if you’re on a budget to weigh up your needs and the environment you’d like to work in against the cost. If you require extra services or facilities then it’s best to check what is included in the price.

Venture X Hot desking – What’s included in your membership?

Members have several hot desking options with Venture X.

All of the options give you access to a beautifully and ergonomically designed workspace. These ensure comfort, looking after your body so your mind can focus on the work at hand.

Our thoughtfully designed premium office spaces are supported by our amazing and experienced hospitality team. They’re there to ensure your time with Venture X runs seamlessly. 

Venture X Hot Desk White City


Our spacious hot desk stations include desks by Workstories and chairs by Herman Miller. The design of both is intended to reduce fatigue and discomfort and to maximise productivity.

You could choose from a more private desk space for privacy or a more social desk to bond with your neighbours!

£250 + VAT per month

£40 + VAT per day

Dedicated desks:

Dedicated desks are permanent homes for your business. Unlike hot desking, this membership allows 24 7 access to your personal designated workspace. 

As well as the usual benefits, a dedicated desk membership includes personal lockable storage and a virtual office as well as access to our meeting rooms, phone booths and community lounge.

£420 + VAT per month

Virtual Office Pro:

The Virtual Office Pro membership allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an office without a physical space.

This membership provides your business with a prestigious business address and dedicated local phone number and includes both mail forwarding and call forwarding.

The Softphone App allows you to run your business and remain productive wherever you are using your mobile phone.

You also have access to on-demand day passes and on-demand bookable meeting rooms for when you next need a physical space.

Through this membership, there are some hot desking benefits with 2hrs of meeting room access and 2 lounge passes per month.

This is a great option for those needing only occasional access to a hot desk.

£125 + VAT per month


To find out more about your hot desking options get in touch for prices and packages.

You can contact us via email ( or, via the WhatsApp feature on our website or call us directly on 0203 585 2500.


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