Available Private Meeting Rooms in West London at Venture X

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to meeting rooms in London. There are innumerable conference rooms, event spaces and unique venues to hire. The West is particularly popular. From Heathrow to Paddington, there are options to suit everyone’s needs as some seek proximity to travel links, while others look for aesthetics and style. Popular locations include Richmond and Kensington for green space and options overlooking the Thames. Other popular areas include around Victoria, Paddington, and even Heathrow itself for national or international travel links. For London-based businesses, locations such as Westminster offer numerous options for meeting rooms a little more central to the city. Venture X offers private meeting rooms in West London which are both professional and affordable, in two fantastic locations.

There are numerous factors to consider when searching for meeting rooms, below we’ll look in a little more detail:

Popular meeting rooms in West London

West London boasts a range of meeting rooms to match your size, needs and budget. It’s important to think about exactly what you need before deciding which meeting room is right for you. Ask yourself:

How many people will be attending? What’s the budget? Is location a priority? What’s the purpose of the meeting? What facilities do we need?

Here are some popular meetings rooms depending on your requirements:

Size and capacity

As so many people are now looking to have the option of both working remotely and in an office environment, working in a shared space and being able to stagger office days for your teams are valuable ways of attracting the best talent by offering the flexibility they’re craving.

Everything on one site

There are meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes to hire, whatever your capacity needs. You may be needing a conference room to accommodate a large number of guests or you may be looking for a more relaxed, creative space for a small team.

United House in Notting Hill, for example, has options for 2-6 people in their smaller rooms and caters for 16+ people in their larger rooms.

For those looking for larger venues in London or something with a wow factor, there are several museums and theatres that also function as meeting rooms.

The Museum of London, for example, offers meeting rooms in the heart of the city. Their Garden Room has a capacity of up to 70 people complete with projector, PA system and microphone, ideal for large meetings. Another of their function rooms, the Weston Theatre, comes fully equipped with PA, data projector, screen, lectern and an in-house technician, perfect for presentations or lecture-style meetings.

Museum of London

The National Theatre also offers meeting spaces in the centre, with facilities for smaller parties as well as a riverside roof terrace option for larger events. These spaces offer in-house catering so everything can be done through the venue itself, making your life easier.

National Theatre London


What is your meeting for? Are you looking for a venue to ignite creativity? Are you trying to impress new investors? Or are you wanting to provide a relaxing space for networking? 

For larger meetings such as a conference or board meeting, the Art Deco Listed Library at Institut français au Royaume-Uni offers an elegant creative space with plenty of natural light.

Twickenham Cellar at Twickenham Stadium, on the other hand, provides a cosy space for up to 14 guests for those looking to hire a venue with a focus on food and dining as well as productivity.


When researching meeting rooms, make sure the one you choose has everything you need. From the right technology to catering options, you don’t want to commit to a space for it and then fall short.

If you’re bringing together a nationwide team, for example, then places such as The Library at K West Hotel and Spa would provide a perfect meeting space within a hotel to accommodate your team.  


Cost can be an influential factor over which meeting space to use. Some venues charge hourly, some have a set rate based on several hours and some hire only by the day.

For those with a tighter budget, there are some popular meeting rooms that cost just over £30 per hour to hire that still offer a professional space for your guests.

Depending on size, location and amenities, meeting rooms can range from tens to thousands of pounds per day so it’s best to look around.

You can use sites such as Tag Venue and The Office Group to search online for meeting rooms if you’re wanting to easily compare options based on budget.


West London is popular amongst those looking for flexible workspaces due to its connectivity both to Central London as well as national rail links and access to airports.

For some, the location of their meeting rooms is the most important factor when choosing the right space.

It may be that Heathrow itself is preferred to provide easy options for international colleagues or meeting rooms in Mayfair and Kensington may be preferential for their beauty and reputation.

The Doha Room at the Sheraton Hotel at Heathrow, for example, provides a great boardroom experience on the doorstep of the airport.

Alternatively, Auriol Rowing Club in Kensington provides a slightly more contemporary space overlooking the river Thames, complete with balcony and leather couches, for a more relaxed setting.

Flexible locations for your offsite meetings, team events and celebrations

Flexible meeting spaces provide a cost-effective way of being able to host company events yet keep your fixed costs low. 

It may be that you want to bring your remote workers together for a London meeting for a change of scene or you might be needing an offsite meeting room as you don’t have the space at your own office.

You may be looking to run professional training, celebrate winning an account, impress an investor, hold the annual conference or brainstorm for a pitch.

Whatever your needs, a flexible space that you can use as a one-off, for a monthly get together or even just for an hour, enables you to meet your needs without breaking the budget.

Views across the Lake at Chiswick Park

Venture X spaces are designed with quality in mind so you and your business can be confident everything from the ambience to the technology is of the highest spec.

If you’re looking to get the whole team together, to host corporate events or general meetings, training or presentations, these spaces are sure to impress your guests from the moment you arrive at the reception area to the time you leave.

Our Chiswick Park events space can be set up as a 30 people presentation suite, as a round table discussion or as a space for breakout sessions.

There are numerous catering options to fit your needs and it comes with on-site set-up and assistance, a reliable and experienced hospitality team and stunning panoramic views. 

Venture X Meeting rooms

We have a selection of meeting rooms on offer that range in size and purpose:  

Unparalleled in West London, our sophisticated new Board Room in White City has everything you need to create a smooth and seamless boardroom experience for up to 10 people. 

Fitted with best-in-class Creston audiovisual equipment, ergonomic furniture by Brunner and privacy at the touch of a button, there is nothing for you to focus on but your business.

Board Room Venture X

The Team Room has a more intimate meeting room style, perfect for a brainstorming session or for some quiet planning. This relaxed space is for up to 5 attendees with comfortable handpicked armchairs and a homely feel.

The team room

The Meeting Room offers a small space for up to 4 people with plug-&-play options to bring in remote guests via video link. This is the perfect option for those looking for a small, private meeting space on demand and for those needing a mix between an in-person and virtual meeting.

This room is bookable in 30-minute increments so perfect for those needing a space for shorter meetings in intervals throughout the day.

Our Meeting Pods at Chiswick Park offer a small private space outside of the main building. For those looking for meeting rooms in London with character yet a smaller capacity for privacy and a creative space to focus, these pods are perfect!

Meeting Pods Chiswick Park

Our Venture X meeting rooms come with Crestron audio-visual equipment throughout and ergonomically designed Herman Miller furniture, ensuring that you have access to only the highest quality equipment.

Great catering options and valuable support from our experienced team ensures everything runs seamlessly.

Both our sites are highly accessible, with ample parking available onsite at Westfield for our White City office.

Coworking & Lounge

For a relaxed space and lounge with fast wifi, comfortable furniture, good coffee and stunning views, come and experience our coworking lounges. These spaces are ideal for networking, socialising and collaborating on projects. 

We could tell you more about what we offer, but sometimes it’s best said by the people that join us each day at Venture X:

Wow! We were introduced to Venture X by a mutual colleague and we are so glad!  We spent a day at the office on business and could not fault a single thing. The design, layout, attention to detail, and large windows giving copious amounts of natural light were impressive.  The staff are so welcoming, there is a real sense of community and the coffee is great too! I would highly recommend Venture X for anyone looking to hire a workspace, however large or small.

Sadia Barlow

Find the perfect space for your next meeting

We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team waiting to help you. Whatever your needs, we’ll quickly find the right solution.


  • Where can I have a meeting in London?

There are meeting rooms across London so you can really choose your pick in terms of location. Make sure you are clear on your needs and the facilities you require.

Don’t hesitate to look at our selection of meeting spaces at Chiswick Park and White City.

  • How do I arrange a meeting room?

To find out more or to book a meeting room you can contact us via email (chiswick@venturex.uk or whitecity@venturex.uk), via the WhatsApp feature on our website or you can call us directly on 0203 585 2500.

Get in touch and we’ll help you to find and arrange the perfect meeting room and book it for you directly.

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