Private Podcast Studio Space Offered at Venture X White City

Did you know there are over 2 million active podcasts with over 48 million episodes between them? And that was as of April 2021. Despite the huge volume of podcasts worldwide, the medium continues to grow in popularity. According to a 2021 study on global podcast consumption, there were 332 million people consuming podcasts. This is predicted to increase to around 500 million by 2024. There’s no denying that whether you’re an individual looking to entertain or a business looking to build your brand, podcasting has huge potential. This is reflected by the advertising revenue of podcasts, with ad spend expected to exceed $2 billion by 2023 according to a report by IAB Pricewaterhouse Coopers. But if you want to make one, you’ll need a podcast studio first…

Below are some tips for maximising your podcast potential and where you can find the best podcast studios in West London.

podcast recording

Top tips for recording a podcast

If you’re looking to start a successful podcast, or if you’re looking to improve the one you already have, below are some key things to do:

  1. Create content people are looking for
  2. Define your content creation goals
  3. Use the right podcast recording equipment
  4. Record in a quiet space or a podcast recording studio
  5. Warm your voice up
  6. Resolve sound issues early
  7. Publish regularly
  8. Welcome and ask for feedback and reviews

These are just some best practices. The hard part is at the start: planning the content and making sure it’s relevant, entertaining and interesting. The podcast recording is arguably the easier bit. So put in the hard graft before you hit the mic!

Person recording a podcast

Podcast production

Define your goals

Before embarking on producing your podcast, ask yourself why you’re creating it to start with? What are your content creation goals? Defining them is the first step to achieving them.

Is it to raise awareness of your brand? To generate leads? To build a relationship with your listeners? To share your thoughts or expertise? To build a community?

Think about:

  • Who your ideal listener is
  • What the perfect structure and format is
  • If it should be scripted and to what extent
  • When it’s best to schedule and release episodes
Venture X Podcast Studio

Depending on the format (story-telling, interview, solo discussion) there may be different requirements for production.

On top of actually recording the podcast – there are things to consider before and after in regards to production, namely pre and post-production:


  • Deciding on your podcast’s subject and purpose
  • Podcast title and cover art
  • Choosing a structure and format
  • Scripting and editing
  • Organising guests (if required)


  • Intros and outros
  • Sound design
  • Transitions
  • Audio editing
  • Video editing (if visual format is also required)
  • Mix and mastering

If you’re not sure how to produce a podcast or are looking for extra support, many London podcast studios offer packages to help with production as well as provide a quiet space to record.


Do I need a studio for a podcast?

It is possible to record a podcast from home, however, there is a cost and investment in recording a podcast with good sound quality and a professional final product.

Podcast equipment needed

  • Microphones
  • Mic stand
  • Headphones
  • Cables
  • Sound treatment/soundproofing
  • Audio interface/mixer
  • Computer/laptop
  • Internet access
  • Cameras (for video podcasts)
  • A spare room (ideally carpeted, without external walls or large windows, and without appliances such as boilers)

The cost of this equipment can range from the hundreds to the thousands depending on your budget and the quality you’re looking for.

If you’re apprehensive about making this investment there are always more affordable options. If you don’t have an appropriate room or are looking for a dedicated and professional space specifically designed for podcasting then you may want to find yourself a podcast studio.

Luckily for you, there are plenty of podcast studios in London available to hire by the hour or by the day. Podcast studios offer everything from state of the art recording equipment to custom lighting for filming, temperature control for comfort and a flexible booking system for ease.


Where can I record a podcast in West London?

There are plenty of options if you’re looking for podcast studios in West London.

We have our very own podcast studio at White City offering everything you need for your podcast recording in a bustling area of West London, right by Westfields. Our studio is designed to make everything as easy for you as possible. Walk in, plug in, record and walk away with a high-quality recording.

Studios range from as low as £40 per hour for basic packages to £100+ per hour depending on your needs and what they offer. Some studios offer packages if you’re looking to buy a block of time or offer special rates for full or half days.

Some studios, including our own, also provide their own or partner production services if you’re looking for more than just a space to record.


Venture X Podcast studio

Our podcast studio in London is designed to make podcasting easy and enjoyable whilst ensuring high quality audio.

Our facilities include:

  • Up to 6 contributors
  • Plug in and play capabilities for a seamless recording process
  • Professional quality audio and video recording
  • Fast and reliable wifi
  • A quiet and professional space providing privacy as you record
  • End-to-end service including professional editing and post-production

Our studio is perfect for podcasts, vlogs, social media and digital projects to inject life into your brand and business. You can even bring your own branding to make the space your own!

Interview chairs for podcast recording


Venture X Podcast Studio West London FAQ


Do you have to be a Venture X member to have access to the podcast studio?

No, we welcome anyone looking to record a podcast or who wants a secure, soundproof meeting space.

Do you get access to other facilities?

We can provide catering for your booking as required and you’re welcome to make use of our beautiful Member Lounge.

We understand that so much goes into producing a one hour episode of a podcast and our studio and workspace is designed to make the process a joy.

Can I eat/drink in the studio?

Cups of tea are welcome – but please drink responsibly!

Is it possible to hire the recording studio for the day to do back-to-back episodes?

Yes, booking is available by the hour, half-day or full-day. Prices start from £150 per hour, or £480 per half-day, or £900 per full day (+ VAT).


Contact our team to visit our recording studio and get your podcast off the ground.

You can contact us via email (, via the WhatsApp feature on our website or call us directly on 0203 585 2900.


Networking Events Organised by Venture X

Do your employees want to come back to the office?

Over the past year, life has returned to some sense of ‘normality’ post-pandemic, yet many people continue to work remotely. Air B&B recently announced a ‘completely remote’ work policy, even offering the opportunity to spend 90 days of the year working abroad. But not everyone wants their teams to continue working remotely, relying on video meetings to be productive. Similarly, according to a Work From Home survey by Gensler, only 12% of workers want to continue working from home full time. But do you your employees want to come back to the office? What happens if they don’t want to?

What to do if your team doesn’t want to go back to the office

The first thing to do if your team is reluctant to head back to the office is to find out why. Have one on one conversations with your teams to find the solutions.

What you assume to be the reason may be completely wrong. People may have safety concerns, some may resent the commute, they could want to return to the office but in a more flexible capacity, they might want to save financially on their commute and lunches or they may just not want to wear a suit everyday!

There could be simple solutions. Whether it’s financial support for the commute, adjusting dress codes, coming up with a hybrid schedule, addressing health concerns or providing lunches twice a week. There are numerous ways to encourage people back into the workplace – you may just need to be creative!

Google, for example, partnered with Unagi to provide electric scooters for employees returning to the office 3 days a week. PWC on the other hand gave its 22,000 UK staff a £1000 bonus to help with adjusting to returning to the office and agreed on a flexible work model called ‘The Deal’.

Once you have the answers as to why people may not want to return – you can find ways of easing a transition and enhancing employee satisfaction in the process.

Here are 6 ways you can inspire your employees back to face-to-face work:


6 ways to inspire your reluctant employees to return to the office


1) Explain the WHY: Connection, Collaboration and Creativity

Ultimately, some work is just better done face-to-face. The best ideas come from chatting over a coffee in the morning or brainstorming after hearing from someone from a completely different industry.

Human connection, collaboration and sparking creativity are hard to achieve through a screen.

If you explain why your business benefits from working collaboratively in the same room, and the importance of it, employees are much more likely to buy in.

Demonstrate why working face-to-face is an advantage, not just for the organisation, but for the people and individuals within it. You may have other reasons having people in the office benefits your business – whatever they are, communicate them.

2) Use workplace experiences to attract your employees back to the office

According to the Gensler survey, the biggest elements people miss from working in the office are social interaction and impromptu face-to-face meetings. The things you can’t achieve working remotely or from home.

There is a wide range of experiences you could use to make working in the office appealing, even fun:

  • Brainstorming breakfasts
  • Old-school after work drinks or happy hours
  • Guest speakers or company-wide training sessions on-site
  • Catered lunches with a ban on work-related conversation
  • Bike repair or maintenance workshops for those that cycle into work
  • ‘Ask the CEO’ events – questions or discussions with the leadership teams in an open setting
  • Networking events with other companies or organisations
  • Team-building cooking classes with the option to take the leftovers home for the family
Venture X networking event

To make these experiences particularly successful, be sure to mix up when they are and how regularly they happen. For example, have a team lunch once a week but company-wide training once a quarter.

3) Provide on-site support for wellbeing

If you’re trying to encourage employees back to the workplace it’s vital to take their wellbeing and concerns into account. Over the pandemic, many employees have become much more astute when it comes to their mental health and wellbeing.

The office can be somewhere that works with wellbeing rather than being seen as something that acts against it.

To support wellbeing and mental health you could:
  • Provide coaching or mentoring on-site
  • Choose an office with quiet spaces for reflection
  • Provide on-site opportunities for professional development
  • Offer morning meditation or yoga sessions
  • Animal therapy – Paws in Work bring puppies to your office providing a serotonin boost for your team and valuable socialisation for the puppies!

4) Offer options (within reason!)

It may not be necessary for every employee to be in the office every day. They may prefer a hybrid model of working, mixing 3 or 4 days in the office and the rest of the time remotely. Certain departments may not need to be face-to-face as much as others.

According to the Future of Work Study 2021 by Accenture, a whopping 83% of the 9000 workers asked said a hybrid model would be optimal.

Find out what your workforce needs and wants and come up with a compromise. Make the days in the office a novelty and a welcome relief rather than days to dread. Hybrid working can offer the perfect compromise making all parties happy.

Nicholas Bloom, an economics professor at Stanford University, argued that managers should determine the working from home (WFH) days. His research found that having teams on-site at the same time increases employee satisfaction, reduces bias and improves promotion equity and diversity.

5) Provide a space they want to work in

There are some things an office space provides that working from home or in a café doesn’t, or can’t. If your old office wasn’t providing the optimum office experience, find one that does.

Offices are designed for people to work in and the best offices are designed with wellbeing in the workplace in mind. Find an office that offers everything from ergonomically designed furniture to look after your body and bright open spaces and plants to look after your mind.

beautiful views and comfortable workspaces

Find an office that is clean, spacious, that provides good coffee, has access to healthy food options and offers quiet thinking spaces (not always achievable at home!). Provide an office that offers discounts on gyms or has on-site yoga classes, has fast internet and a reliable support team for if anything goes wrong.

Rather than a private office maybe try a shared workplace with further opportunities for collaboration and networking.

If you need access to quiet spaces, conference rooms, communal areas or even a podcast studio – make sure you’re in a workspace that suits your business needs and the needs of your employees.

Venture X Podcast Studio

If some employees have health or safety concerns, explain the safety measures being taken, Covid-19 policies or explore other factors that could help ease their minds. For example, you could organise extra cleaning of work stations, better ventilation or access to touchless technology.

Whatever amenities are needed to make the job more enjoyable and fruitful for everyone – businesses, employees and leaders alike – find an office that has them.

6) Lead by example

There’s no point trying to encourage employees back to the office if you’re not going to be there yourself. Managers, executives and leaders within the organisation should be present. Again, not necessarily all of the time but at least in a hybrid capacity.

If you want your teams and colleagues to return to the office, create a sense of community and work environment people won’t want to say no to.


What not to do if your employees don’t want to return to the office


Don’t Force People to Come Back to the Office Full Time

The key thing is not to make coming back to the office full time compulsory. The world is much more set up for flexible or hybrid ways of working so take advantage. Shared workspaces provide the perfect hybrid workplace for people and businesses without crippling contracts.

The harder part is on leadership and managers and how they best coordinate and manage hybrid models of work. However, if done well they can create a work-life in the office that people thrive in, simultaneously providing more harmony at home.

Explore your future hybrid workplace


You can contact us via email ( or, via the WhatsApp feature on our website or call us directly on 0203 585 2500.


Hot-Desking Seating at the Offices of Venture X London

How Much Does Serviced Hotdesking Cost in London?

In 2021 we’ve seen workers desperate to get back to some sort of working ‘normality’. But not everyone has been returning to the traditional office setup. More and more businesses and their teams are looking for more flexibility, using a hybrid model of both, time in the office and remote work. Hot desking in London in a coworking space has been an increasingly popular solution for these businesses and freelancers. Below we’ll explain why – and how much do serviced hot desks cost?

Hot Desk West London

FAQs for Hot Desking?


What is hot desking?

Hot desking is a system that allows you to use a desk space as and when needed. This usually works on a first come first served basis. These are unassigned desks in a coworking space so you can use them by the hour, day or month as your business needs dictate.

Hot desking cuts down on unnecessary costs for businesses that may be paying for office space with more desks than they need. 

It also allows individuals, entrepreneurs, startups or freelancers without an office to have access to a professional desk space as and when needed without the fixed cost of an office.

How much is an office in London?

Costs of an office space in London varies greatly according to location, type of office space and whether or not there are fit-out costs. 

Commercial office space is traditionally priced per square foot although serviced office spaces are usually charged per desk/person. 

Prices in London can vary from £20-30 per square foot up to £120 per square foot (or more!) for some sought after locations. In general, a generous space would offer 100 sq ft per person and a more efficient use of space would offer 75 sq ft per employee.

According to research by Oktra, more expensive locations include St James’s and Mayfair, Soho and Knightsbridge, whereas Battersea and Nine Elms, Hackney and Stratford remain at the lower end.

Average monthly desk rates per person in Central London sits at £632 for a private serviced office.

How much do serviced hot desks cost?

The cost to rent a hot desk varies according to region, location and other amenities. Some facilities allow you to pay by the hour or by the day while others offer a monthly rate.

Costs per month can vary, with average prices in London being between £100 and £300 per month.  

It is also possible to rent hot desks by the day and even by the hour in some locations.

What are the best London offices for hot desking?

When trying to find the perfect space for hot desking there are several factors you need to take into account including location, price, facilities and needs.

If you’re in West London then come and experience our Venture X offices in White City or Chiswick Park. Our spaces in London offer you unparalleled comfort, hospitality and facilities in a great location with enviable transport links.

Other popular locations for hot desking tend to be those that come at a premium including Knightsbridge, Soho, Camden and Mayfair.

Uncommon in Highbury and Islington is a popular spot further East just ten minutes away from Kings Cross Station. 

Plexel at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park also offers a great space with a focus on collaboration and innovation.

If you’re looking for a hot desk in London in a specific area, you can search sites such as Zip Cube to explore the different hot desking options London has to offer from Camden to Canary Wharf.

How much does coworking cost?

The flexibility of coworking means that it’s very difficult to pinpoint an exact cost. It can vary hugely according to:

  • Location
  • How often you need access
  • If you’re looking for a dedicated desk or if you’re happy to hot desk
  • How many employees require access
  • If you also need regular access to other facilities such as meeting rooms

According to, the average price per desk per month in London is £613 (May 2021).

This can be determined by one or several of the above factors though and, as an average, it is possible to find cheaper options.

Benefits of hot desking

Below are just some of the numerous benefits of hot desking for you and your business:


First and foremost is the cost-saving through hot desking.

Hot desking allows you to be completely flexible in using a workspace. You can choose from working at a hot desk in a coworking space every day or on an ad hoc basis. 

As a smaller business or startup, this could be crucial as you grow.

It allows freelancers, small businesses, startups, creatives and entrepreneurs who can’t commit to a cumbersome contract, crippling annual rents or long term leases to have access to a professional office space.

A private office is not always required and hot desking in coworking spaces can provide a much more affordable compromise.

Flexibility and mobility

For small businesses engaging in a more hybrid work model, employees can share the desks depending on who is in the office and when.

There is no commitment needed and you can expand the number of hot desks needed as required.

Hot desking also allows mobility as well as flexibility for those that move around for work. This is ideal for those interested in or needing to base themselves in different locations.

Through hot desking, you can work at different offices in different locations as you please. You could move to a hot desk to be near to your clients or base yourself somewhere new each month purely for a change of scene!

As well as flexibility with the number and amount of time required, hot desking also allows access as and when needed to other amenities.

Venture X, for example, also has additional facilities such as meeting rooms, private phone booths or even podcast rooms. These are all available on-demand at the same site.

Design and purpose

Unlike some spaces people use for work such as cafés, good coworking spaces for hot desking are thoroughly and thoughtfully designed to improve productivity and creativity and aid concentration. 

Coworking spaces, such as those at Venture X, are built to provide an optimum work environment with state-of-the-art tech and unmatched hospitality services.

This aims to provide their members with the best experience with minimal distractions.

Hot desking spaces with Venture X are also surprisingly social. You’ll have access to the communal area – The Hub – ideal for those looking to network and mix with other like-minded people and businesses. 

Networking and collaboration 

There are plenty of opportunities to meet, mix and learn together. You can make the most of these opportunities through our networking events.

This all helps to provide a community feel with a culture of support and collaboration.

Extra perks

Some coworking spaces come with a few added perks! Our hot desking memberships at Venture X include food and drink discounts at local restaurants as well as gym and wellness discounts.

Members can enjoy barista-standard coffee through our touchless coffee machine by Scanomat

You can also make the most of local pop-up traders and street vendors at our Chiswick location or make the most of Westfield’s amenities at our White City location.

Coworking perks Chiswick Park

Hot desks in London on a budget

Hot desking is the prime example of agile working, allowing the use of a coworking space in London at an affordable price.

For those on a budget, you can find hot desks from as little as £3 per hour or £60 per month.

It is worth bearing in mind some of the cheaper options may have more simple offerings (just a desk and wifi) and some cheap hot desk options may be in less popular locations.

It’s important if you’re on a budget to weigh up your needs and the environment you’d like to work in against the cost. If you require extra services or facilities then it’s best to check what is included in the price.

Venture X Hot desking – What’s included in your membership?

Members have several hot desking options with Venture X.

All of the options give you access to a beautifully and ergonomically designed workspace. These ensure comfort, looking after your body so your mind can focus on the work at hand.

Our thoughtfully designed premium office spaces are supported by our amazing and experienced hospitality team. They’re there to ensure your time with Venture X runs seamlessly. 

Venture X Hot Desk White City


Our spacious hot desk stations include desks by Workstories and chairs by Herman Miller. The design of both is intended to reduce fatigue and discomfort and to maximise productivity.

You could choose from a more private desk space for privacy or a more social desk to bond with your neighbours!

£250 + VAT per month

£40 + VAT per day

Dedicated desks:

Dedicated desks are permanent homes for your business. Unlike hot desking, this membership allows 24 7 access to your personal designated workspace. 

As well as the usual benefits, a dedicated desk membership includes personal lockable storage and a virtual office as well as access to our meeting rooms, phone booths and community lounge.

£420 + VAT per month

Virtual Office Pro:

The Virtual Office Pro membership allows you to enjoy all the benefits of an office without a physical space.

This membership provides your business with a prestigious business address and dedicated local phone number and includes both mail forwarding and call forwarding.

The Softphone App allows you to run your business and remain productive wherever you are using your mobile phone.

You also have access to on-demand day passes and on-demand bookable meeting rooms for when you next need a physical space.

Through this membership, there are some hot desking benefits with 2hrs of meeting room access and 2 lounge passes per month.

This is a great option for those needing only occasional access to a hot desk.

£125 + VAT per month


To find out more about your hot desking options get in touch for prices and packages.

You can contact us via email ( or, via the WhatsApp feature on our website or call us directly on 0203 585 2500.


Available Private Meeting Rooms in West London at Venture X

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to meeting rooms in London. There are innumerable conference rooms, event spaces and unique venues to hire. The West is particularly popular. From Heathrow to Paddington, there are options to suit everyone’s needs as some seek proximity to travel links, while others look for aesthetics and style. Popular locations include Richmond and Kensington for green space and options overlooking the Thames. Other popular areas include around Victoria, Paddington, and even Heathrow itself for national or international travel links. For London-based businesses, locations such as Westminster offer numerous options for meeting rooms a little more central to the city. Venture X offers private meeting rooms in West London which are both professional and affordable, in two fantastic locations.

There are numerous factors to consider when searching for meeting rooms, below we’ll look in a little more detail:

Popular meeting rooms in West London

West London boasts a range of meeting rooms to match your size, needs and budget. It’s important to think about exactly what you need before deciding which meeting room is right for you. Ask yourself:

How many people will be attending? What’s the budget? Is location a priority? What’s the purpose of the meeting? What facilities do we need?

Here are some popular meetings rooms depending on your requirements:

Size and capacity

As so many people are now looking to have the option of both working remotely and in an office environment, working in a shared space and being able to stagger office days for your teams are valuable ways of attracting the best talent by offering the flexibility they’re craving.

Everything on one site

There are meeting rooms of all shapes and sizes to hire, whatever your capacity needs. You may be needing a conference room to accommodate a large number of guests or you may be looking for a more relaxed, creative space for a small team.

United House in Notting Hill, for example, has options for 2-6 people in their smaller rooms and caters for 16+ people in their larger rooms.

For those looking for larger venues in London or something with a wow factor, there are several museums and theatres that also function as meeting rooms.

The Museum of London, for example, offers meeting rooms in the heart of the city. Their Garden Room has a capacity of up to 70 people complete with projector, PA system and microphone, ideal for large meetings. Another of their function rooms, the Weston Theatre, comes fully equipped with PA, data projector, screen, lectern and an in-house technician, perfect for presentations or lecture-style meetings.

Museum of London

The National Theatre also offers meeting spaces in the centre, with facilities for smaller parties as well as a riverside roof terrace option for larger events. These spaces offer in-house catering so everything can be done through the venue itself, making your life easier.

National Theatre London


What is your meeting for? Are you looking for a venue to ignite creativity? Are you trying to impress new investors? Or are you wanting to provide a relaxing space for networking? 

For larger meetings such as a conference or board meeting, the Art Deco Listed Library at Institut français au Royaume-Uni offers an elegant creative space with plenty of natural light.

Twickenham Cellar at Twickenham Stadium, on the other hand, provides a cosy space for up to 14 guests for those looking to hire a venue with a focus on food and dining as well as productivity.


When researching meeting rooms, make sure the one you choose has everything you need. From the right technology to catering options, you don’t want to commit to a space for it and then fall short.

If you’re bringing together a nationwide team, for example, then places such as The Library at K West Hotel and Spa would provide a perfect meeting space within a hotel to accommodate your team.  


Cost can be an influential factor over which meeting space to use. Some venues charge hourly, some have a set rate based on several hours and some hire only by the day.

For those with a tighter budget, there are some popular meeting rooms that cost just over £30 per hour to hire that still offer a professional space for your guests.

Depending on size, location and amenities, meeting rooms can range from tens to thousands of pounds per day so it’s best to look around.

You can use sites such as Tag Venue and The Office Group to search online for meeting rooms if you’re wanting to easily compare options based on budget.


West London is popular amongst those looking for flexible workspaces due to its connectivity both to Central London as well as national rail links and access to airports.

For some, the location of their meeting rooms is the most important factor when choosing the right space.

It may be that Heathrow itself is preferred to provide easy options for international colleagues or meeting rooms in Mayfair and Kensington may be preferential for their beauty and reputation.

The Doha Room at the Sheraton Hotel at Heathrow, for example, provides a great boardroom experience on the doorstep of the airport.

Alternatively, Auriol Rowing Club in Kensington provides a slightly more contemporary space overlooking the river Thames, complete with balcony and leather couches, for a more relaxed setting.

Flexible locations for your offsite meetings, team events and celebrations

Flexible meeting spaces provide a cost-effective way of being able to host company events yet keep your fixed costs low. 

It may be that you want to bring your remote workers together for a London meeting for a change of scene or you might be needing an offsite meeting room as you don’t have the space at your own office.

You may be looking to run professional training, celebrate winning an account, impress an investor, hold the annual conference or brainstorm for a pitch.

Whatever your needs, a flexible space that you can use as a one-off, for a monthly get together or even just for an hour, enables you to meet your needs without breaking the budget.

Views across the Lake at Chiswick Park

Venture X spaces are designed with quality in mind so you and your business can be confident everything from the ambience to the technology is of the highest spec.

If you’re looking to get the whole team together, to host corporate events or general meetings, training or presentations, these spaces are sure to impress your guests from the moment you arrive at the reception area to the time you leave.

Our Chiswick Park events space can be set up as a 30 people presentation suite, as a round table discussion or as a space for breakout sessions.

There are numerous catering options to fit your needs and it comes with on-site set-up and assistance, a reliable and experienced hospitality team and stunning panoramic views. 

Venture X Meeting rooms

We have a selection of meeting rooms on offer that range in size and purpose:  

Unparalleled in West London, our sophisticated new Board Room in White City has everything you need to create a smooth and seamless boardroom experience for up to 10 people. 

Fitted with best-in-class Creston audiovisual equipment, ergonomic furniture by Brunner and privacy at the touch of a button, there is nothing for you to focus on but your business.

Board Room Venture X

The Team Room has a more intimate meeting room style, perfect for a brainstorming session or for some quiet planning. This relaxed space is for up to 5 attendees with comfortable handpicked armchairs and a homely feel.

The team room

The Meeting Room offers a small space for up to 4 people with plug-&-play options to bring in remote guests via video link. This is the perfect option for those looking for a small, private meeting space on demand and for those needing a mix between an in-person and virtual meeting.

This room is bookable in 30-minute increments so perfect for those needing a space for shorter meetings in intervals throughout the day.

Our Meeting Pods at Chiswick Park offer a small private space outside of the main building. For those looking for meeting rooms in London with character yet a smaller capacity for privacy and a creative space to focus, these pods are perfect!

Meeting Pods Chiswick Park

Our Venture X meeting rooms come with Crestron audio-visual equipment throughout and ergonomically designed Herman Miller furniture, ensuring that you have access to only the highest quality equipment.

Great catering options and valuable support from our experienced team ensures everything runs seamlessly.

Both our sites are highly accessible, with ample parking available onsite at Westfield for our White City office.

Coworking & Lounge

For a relaxed space and lounge with fast wifi, comfortable furniture, good coffee and stunning views, come and experience our coworking lounges. These spaces are ideal for networking, socialising and collaborating on projects. 

We could tell you more about what we offer, but sometimes it’s best said by the people that join us each day at Venture X:

Wow! We were introduced to Venture X by a mutual colleague and we are so glad!  We spent a day at the office on business and could not fault a single thing. The design, layout, attention to detail, and large windows giving copious amounts of natural light were impressive.  The staff are so welcoming, there is a real sense of community and the coffee is great too! I would highly recommend Venture X for anyone looking to hire a workspace, however large or small.

Sadia Barlow

Find the perfect space for your next meeting

We have a highly experienced and knowledgeable team waiting to help you. Whatever your needs, we’ll quickly find the right solution.


  • Where can I have a meeting in London?

There are meeting rooms across London so you can really choose your pick in terms of location. Make sure you are clear on your needs and the facilities you require.

Don’t hesitate to look at our selection of meeting spaces at Chiswick Park and White City.

  • How do I arrange a meeting room?

To find out more or to book a meeting room you can contact us via email ( or, via the WhatsApp feature on our website or you can call us directly on 0203 585 2500.

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Flexible Shared Office Spaces in West London

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our approach to office life. According to a survey by IPA conducted in June 2021, a new outlook towards our professional lives and wellbeing has led to: “89% of adults now favouring a fully flexible approach to turning to the office”; the same survey featured the key drivers for returning to a workspace: seeing colleagues face-to-face (48%), getting out of the house (41%) and easier collaboration with colleagues (34%). It’s therefore easy to see why the demand for flexible shared office spaces is increasing.

Venture X social space at Chiswick Park

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a more social space, a start-up wanting to move out of your garden shed or a company that has handed back the keys to your private office, here are the innumerable benefits flexible workspaces in London offer:


Benefits for companies of flexible shared office spaces

Cost-effectiveness and versatility for your business

The pandemic has shown us that physical space has to add purpose and value to be viable for a business. London’s flexible workspaces allow you to adapt your office setup as you require, an invaluable benefit in an unpredictable and ever-changing world.

Help attract the best talent

As so many people are now looking to have the option of both working remotely and in an office environment, working in a shared space and being able to stagger office days for your teams are a valuable way of attracting the best talent by offering the flexibility they’re craving.

Everything on one site

Our hybrid office spaces provide everything from state of the art technology, IT support, well-designed workspaces and meeting rooms on-demand in a space that can expand with your business as and when necessary. All of this without the financial burden of the traditional private office

Expand your office space as you need

If you only need a meeting room or event space sporadically, flexible shared office spaces allow you to use the additional facilities on demand, whether it’s for a few hours or full days.

Working as a team face-to-face

The benefit of being able to collaborate on projects more easily and brainstorm together in person is invaluable. Having the chance to do this – without extortionate London rental contracts – in an inspiring space can lead to greater focus, increased productivity and can boost the morale of your team. 

Group meeting at Venture X space

Staff wellbeing

In a world where people are now more wary and considerate in terms of bugs and sickness, people are less likely to come into the office if they have a cough or cold.

Our workspaces in West London allow you to cater for those able and wanting to join the team in the office with no pressure on those who are under the weather. This flexibility is invaluable to both your business and the wellbeing of the team.


A big advantage of flexible shared office spaces is the fact you get to be amongst other successful businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Our events space offers a great chance for networking and building connections and we look forward to hosting upcoming local networking events with Hounslow Chamber and West London Business

Events at Ventue X

Benefits for staff

Optimal work environment

Flexible shared office spaces are specifically designed to be comfortable, secure and inspiring places, meeting the needs of each member. Everything from the location of the offices in London and hospitality level service to the ergonomically designed desks is specifically chosen to provide the optimum environment.

Social interaction

As demonstrated by the IPA survey, the key attraction of returning to a workspace for staff is interaction and time with colleagues and friends. The ability to meet face-to-face, enjoy a coffee together, share a lunch break or after-work drinks shouldn’t be underestimated.

These interactions can foster valuable personal and professional relationships that are hard to replicate purely working online. 

People enjoying a coffee at Venture X

Creating boundaries

To differentiate your working space and from your home life can help you to switch off and recharge so that in the office you’re truly ‘on’.  This in turn can lead to greater focus and productivity in the office, and less stress and distraction at home. 

It can also prevent loneliness or demotivation from working solely at home, where you might be having to use your usual space to relax into an office or desk.

Personal Wellbeing

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, developed by behavioural scientist Abraham Maslow in 1954, shows a pyramid of human needs ranging from physiological (food and water) to self-actualisation (growth, peak experiences and satisfying self-esteem).

He argues you must meet physiological needs, at least in part, before addressing those higher up the pyramid. Just up from the fundamental physiological needs lie our safety needs. 

Safety needs include financial security, health, employment and wellbeing.

Well-designed workspaces are fundamental in ensuring the ‘work’ part of our work-life balance and safety are met.

Member discounts

Members at Venture X’s flexible workspaces can also take advantage of discounts for local gym memberships and restaurants meaning you can take full advantage of your time spent out of the house and being in West London!

Venture X discount card

Education, training and development

State-of-the-art technology

Our flexible workspaces provide an array of facilities at your fingertips. You can focus on the valuable role of the training and development of your team, networking or growing your business.

At Venture X there is something for everyone: small private meeting rooms;  fully-equipped boardrooms; spacious event rooms; meeting pods and even a new recording studio.

Both of our locations in London, Chiswick Park and White City, come with best-in-class AV equipment and on-site setup assistance, complete with beautiful views of the city.

We also offer state of the art security using Salto Keys on our doors for peace of mind.

And for the safest and most hygienic way to enjoy a barista-quality coffee, we even offer touchless coffee

Training and development according to different needs

The development of your company or of your teams rests on the individuals within it. Everybody works and learns differently.

Myers Brigg’s personality types can highlight the differing requirements from their office space. Explorers, for example, are highly creative and prefer to be in shared office spaces, whereas visionaries are creative yet prefer a quieter space with fewer distractions.

The beauty of a hybrid space in London is that you can choose areas that fit your needs and the needs of your team and their development.

Whether it’s a private and spacious workstation, a desk in the member’s lounge or a relaxed team meeting room, you can book the space that works for you and gets the most from your team.

West London

Local delights

Flexible workspaces in West London allow you to be in the heart of a dynamic and exciting part of the city. On the doorstep of London’s west end, it has easy access to theatres and museums such as the Natural History Museum and Museum of brands.

It’s easy to see why it’s becoming a mecca for start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) all in search of working space in an area of London bursting with culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Both Venture X London locations in Chiswick Park and White City are surrounded by great cafes and restaurants and often feature pop-up restaurants to eat with stunning views across the lake.

Views across the Lake at Chiswick Park


With great transport links to Central London, national rail links and Heathrow, they offer a great space for entertaining clients or welcoming international partners.

Venture X boasts offices in 50 locations worldwide from Dubai to California so for international businesses with clients visiting London, it offers the ultimate flexible working experience.

International office with Venture X

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Front Desk at Venture X Chiswick Park

Venture X Coworking Spaces Arrive in the UK!

The co-working franchise Venture X has launched in the UK and is opening its doors in two London locations! Its already launched flagship UK franchise in Chiswick Park offers 15,000 square feet of premium flexible office space. The second location will soon open its doors in Westfield London, Europe’s largest retail destination at White City covering 19,000 square feet.

The United Franchise Group-owned brand has extensive experience in this space having operated in this industry for over 30 years and work with 1,600 franchisees around the world. Venture X grew faster than any other co-working brand in the US and attracted a number of partners and customers including from the likes of the FTSE 250.

The brand now has 45 locations and has signed agreements for 130 locations in 30 countries. Tom Foster and Andrew Ross (pictured) are the brand’s master franchisors for the UK and Ireland.

“The Venture X franchise is the fastest-growing co-working franchise in the world so we are delighted to be launching here in the UK and Ireland. Our offering is completely unique; we offer a modern workspace community which is inspiring, diverse, and collaborative,” said Tom Foster, CEO and head of franchising at Venture X UK and Ireland.

“Our unique proposition is that we provide more than just shared office space, instead we offer solutions for the modern workforce in work-live locations.

“The way people work is evolving and businesses are looking for more flexible workspaces where their staff can access a wide range of amenities in the best possible location for them.

“Attitudes towards the workplace are changing and Venture X is uniquely positioned to meet the demands of modern businesses so this is a great time to get involved.”

Venture X White City Location Beside Westfield

Venture X White City Coworking Space Now Open at Westfield

Occupying over 19,000 sq.ft., the new co-working space at Venture X White City will provide users technology enhanced space in the heart of Europe’s largest retail destination.

Venture X, led by Tom Foster and Andrew Ross in the UK and Ireland, has secured its second location at 1 Ariel Way, Westfield London for 19,077 square foot, with an agreement for a long-term lease commitment. The company, which originally started in Naples, Florida, is part of the United Franchise Group.

The co-working operator will be the first of its kind at Westfield London, which continues to attract the best concepts and stores for customers across a wide range of categories . Venture X White City will be kitted out with leading technology including podcasting-ready rooms, hybrid meeting rooms enabling digital multicast-screen conferences, in addition to private offices, hotdesking space and shared entertaining spaces with high-speed WIFI. There will also be a wraparound terraces, and private terraces to some private offices within a brand new building.

Andrew Ross, CEO of Venture X UK & Ireland comments: “This is game-changing news for us at Venture X, it demonstrates our commitment to growth in the UK and our vision for co-working. The pandemic in many ways has been disastrous, but it has also highlighted the importance of flexible working and co-working spaces. We are in the midst of a workplace revolution and Venture X is the fastest growing co-working franchise. Like our space in Chiswick Park, we suspect Venture X will appeal to local entrepreneurs, SME’s and corporates looking for project-led space with a ‘plug and play’ ready HQ to attract the best talent. Westfield London is iconic, continuously transforming its offer and there is a lot of energy in the wider White City area which we hope to be part of its story moving forward.”

The deal also signifies the changing nature of city centre locations, as they seek to diversify their offering, providing retail, leisure and now co-working spaces.

Scott Parsons, Chief Operating Officer UK, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield says: “Since opening in 2008, Westfield London has been an key partner of the local community and a catalyst in the transformation of White City and Shepherd’s Bush into a world-class place to shop, live and work. With lifestyles transforming and ways of working becoming more flexible, welcoming Venture X to our offices at 1 Ariel Way expands the shared work space offering within the White City opportunity area and creates an exciting new opportunity for London workers. The offices, overlooking Westfield Square with view of TVC will, have state of the art facilities attracting creative, tech and entrepreneurial businesses and we have no doubt our new neighbours will enjoy everything the centre has to offer including over 50 restaurants and leisure operators and 300 stores right on their doorstep. We look forward to welcoming Venture X to Westfield London!”

URW were represented by niche, West London office specialists, Frost Meadowcroft. Justin Clack, director at Frost Meadowcroft observed that this letting underlines the attractiveness of Westfield London for office occupiers and is a good barometer of the gradual improvement in office demand in 2021.  

Chris Lewis, Head of Agency at Devono Cresa observed:  “This latest commitment by Venture X is a massive vote of confidence in offices and represents an exciting moment for the White City real estate market.  As momentum continues to build for the return to the office, the provision of high quality, best in class space has never been more important.  Occupiers of all sectors and all sizes are increasingly demanding exceptional workspaces for their people and Ariel Way epitomises the type of solution required from flexible space providers; beautifully designed, light, and airy with facilities and management aimed at delivering the very best experience.  It is our pleasure to work closely with the Venture X team as they realise their ambitions for providing their clients with exceptional workspaces across London, the UK and beyond.”

Venture X has grown to nearly 1 million sq.ft of space, with 45 locations in 5 countries in just 5 years. Venture X is set to grow to over 100 locations in the next 2 years, and to become the 3rd largest and only 100% franchise operator flexible office space by 2026. For further information on Venture X, please call 020 3585 2900 .

Tom Foster believes co-working spaces will become more popular

Communal Area at Coworking space Venture X London

“While before people were fantasising about working from home… the single most common request over the course of 2020 was from individuals who could not work productively from home, be that down to lack of space, lack of connectivity, or simply lack of inspiration or human interaction,” says Tom Foster, the firm’s UK boss.

Read the full article here.

Video Conferencing

Reasons why the Future of Work is through Flexible Workspaces

So why do you ask about flexible workspaces? Let’s rewind a bit.

As the world turned upside-down last spring, everything changed. The way we coped during the lockdown at home was amazing, funny, boring and, at times, chaotic. Meanwhile, education systems pivoted to totally online curriculums that, neither the providers nor the parents were prepared to take on. After years of declaring online classes were not as valuable as in-person learning, now we needed to pivot and sell the value of online learning. The jury is still out on how the consumer views the online shift.

Pre-COVID, some jobs were shifting to a more remote basis, as where and when people liked to work was in a state of flux. We did see that an increasing preference for coworking spaces and flexibility in work schedules was changing the landscape of the office in many ways. However, before the pandemic, many were behind the mindset “This remote thing will never work!”. However, the spring of 2020 proved that remote working does work, as video conferencing took over our work lives, as well as our home lives.

Initially, this video-conferencing lifestyle allowed us to peek inside the homes of our favourite celebrities and our boss’s kitchen, along with providing built-in comic relief. Then the pandemic dragged on and kids, spouses, roommates and pets became unwelcome distractions that intruded on your workspace and added to your pandemic fatigue.

Video Conferencing

It will still take some time for larger companies to get back up to speed, and return to the traditional office environment.

Now, almost a year later, with vaccinations underway and the end of this life-changing pandemic almost in our sightlines, the world is taking stock of what the working world looks like from here and it appears the future of work is more flexible than we imagined it could be before COVID-19.

Because it will take a while for corporations to rework their office spaces to implement social distancing measures, install no-touch doors and instil a sense of safety with added sanitation measures in place, it could take some time before large companies get back up to speed fully with a full employee roster returning to work on-site.

Remaining remote for the foreseeable future

With economic uncertainty in the air, some companies are looking at their futures and deciding that remote workers are the best thing since the Internet. Working remotely, during a pandemic to help you and your employer stay afloat, is what most people opted to do for the greater good of the economy. However, just when remote workers were chomping at the bit to work anywhere except at home, employers, beginning to see how technology could help them cut overheads by their employees continuing to work remotely, said, “Hey there, love what you’ve done with your kitchen, and keep up the great work from home.”

Remote work does not have to mean “at home”

According to a June 2020 article, author Alex Sixt points out that employees enjoy the ability to choose where they work, citing an Oxford study that showed that a whopping “83 percent of employees, remote or on-site, say that a remote work opportunity would make them feel happier at their jobs.” As people working from coworking spaces have known for a while, employees are more productive when they feel happy in their work environments.

Coworking spaces and other flexible shared desk space companies are all set up to offer those remote workers who cannot go back to the workspaces yet, a home office away from home.

Is history repeating itself?

Initially, coworking spaces started gaining popularity when the novelty of working at home, in your PJs, wore off for those small business owners, tech start-ups, and other remote workers who experienced the first wave of telecommuting. Around 2010, those remote workers, feeling the isolation and imbalance of working and living in the same place, started to flock to coworking spaces for the connection to the local business community and to regain a work/life balance.

Is history repeating itself? The answer is “Yes”. After being forced to stay at home for almost a year, some remote workers stand to benefit from their employers working with them to get them out of the house a few days a week, twice a week, or even several times a month. It is no secret that the workforce and employers, facing the most challenging economy in a decade will want more flexible ways to work moving forward.

Large companies and corporations can accommodate their remote teams at coworking spaces

Fortunately, many large corporations looking to incorporate some of the pre-pandemic coworking, community, and collaboration vibe into their office environments were already using the convenience of coworking spaces for their remote teams. Instead of investing in regional offices to expand into new markets, bringing personnel together at a coworking space in various locales, allowed large companies to test the waters first and begin establishing roots in those business districts. Also, large companies and corporations were already using coworking spaces for remote teams working on projects that required in-person meetings.

The near future sees more small, medium, and large companies using flexible office spaces as a hybrid between working at home and going back into the office. The monthly access and easy scaling capabilities at flexible workspaces also allow companies to set up in-person meetings for teams or individuals every week or a few times per month. For larger meetings, flexible workspaces also include conference and meeting room hours in some plans, with additional hours available at discounted hourly rates.

At Venture X, our focus has always been on the future of flexible workspaces! With your safety as our priority, Venture X continues to offer welcoming spaces with upscale, socially distanced shared desk spaces, private office spaces, and comfortable communal areas for breaks. While no one can predict the future of work, we can assure you, flexibility will play an essential role! Venture X offers remote workers a home office away from home. Contact us to schedule an in-person tour or take a virtual tour now.

After all, Venture X is the future of flexible workspaces!

Are you aware of the hidden costs of office space?

While it is true that remote workers and at-home-start-ups save money working from home, as your business grows, most small business owners reach a point where home and business need to happen in separate spaces. When you need a real office, you start looking around to lease commercial office space. So many factors go into finding, leasing, and outfitting an office and this endeavour often takes the focus away from your core business initiatives. We know that just finding and leasing an office can be a full-time job, and can come with downsides, like wasting money. So, what are the hidden costs of office space?

Commercial leases can be complicated and expensive

A commercial office in a prestigious area will not come with a bargain price tag. The popularity of coworking/flexible workspaces evolved partly because office leases in such areas proved prohibitively expensive to tech companies and start-ups that didn’t actually need full-time physical office spaces. At first, an office of your own seems like the most business-like move you can make to grow your company, but since most commercial leases often involve a longer term commitment you may not feel comfortable with that level of obligation yet. When you start looking at office spaces, there are a few other things to keep in mind before you sign on the dotted line.

All-inclusive or not

Some commercial leases mean that your monthly rent is all-inclusive but most of the time, office leases only include the monthly rental, which will be lower than fully serviced leases. However, this means that in addition to the rent, you’ll be expected to pay hidden costs for your office space to get it up and running. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Utilities
  • Insurance
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Common Area Maintenance (Lobby, Elevators, Parking)

Your Internet connection Commercial rates for things like fibre-optic Internet will cost several times more than the residential rates you’re familiar with. Fast dependable Internet is important for your business because unlike cable and DSL, fibre Internet speeds are synchronous. For businesses that upload large files, this means that it takes the same time to upload files as it does to download files.

You’re going to need some office furniture Not only are you going to need furniture but also, a look that speaks to your brand’s image. This includes paint or other wall coverings, possibly flooring and rugs or carpeting. If your office has a reception area, you’ll need a focal point, such as an art piece or specialty lighting installations that make a statement at your entrance. One or more ergonomic office chairs are a good investment but you will want to go through a commercial office furniture company.

Coffee? Tea? In a solo office, you can brew a pot of coffee or make tea for yourself, no problem. If you’re a gourmet coffee drinker, then it’s off to a local coffee shop, for you. That’s a £5 a day treat that can cost over £100 each month!

What about snacks and meals? While most office spaces for one to two people don’t usually include a kitchen or even a sink, you may have access to the building’s kitchen. If that’s the case, you could bring in your ingredients and make your lunch there. You could just pack your lunch but if that’s just not your thing, you’ll need to budget about £10 a day for lunch. As for snacks, that’s on you! If it’s just for you, it’s simple but when others are involved or you have a lot of in-office client meetings, then individually wrapped snacks need to be purchased and distributed to appropriate areas.

Who’s going to clean your office? One of the biggest hidden costs of office space. Some leases may include basic dustbin emptying and vacuuming, weekly. If your lease doesn’t include office cleaning, then you’ll need to contract a company to clean your office, although many independent cleaning pros might not charge as much. Overwhelmed and disillusioned yet? No need to be. A realistic, money-saving office space awaits you!

Venture X to the rescue! With flexible, monthly contracts that include everything you need to do business every day, including coffee, tea, and water, it’s no wonder coworking spaces, such as Venture X, have changed the way people like to work. In addition to business class office equipment, cleaning services, and first-class amenities, you can choose your workspace, to fit your needs, whether it’s a space to work once or twice a week, a full-time dedicated desk space or a private office. Our diverse community of small, medium, and large business professionals offers opportunities to build your brand’s base and feel a part of something larger than just your own business.

Owning a business is about growing that business. Venture X allows you to get right to work in our upscale surroundings, without taking your focus off your core business initiatives, while saving a significant amount of money. At Venture X, our goal is to help our members grow their businesses and spark their creativity. Venture X, designed for your success.

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