Private office space for rent in White City at Venture X

Welcome back – today we wish to give you an overview of what a private office space for rent in White City looks like! On the 6th level of our White City location, about which directions can be found here, we can offer you some of the best facilities and views around.

In this article we will explain why our offices in White City are in a fantastic location in general, as well as what specifically a private Level 6 office at Venture X can offer you.

Is White City a good location to rent office space?

Office space can be hard to come by sometimes in London. It is incredibly competitive, and especially in the centre, prices can soar due to high demand (you can read more within this report). Naturally, this means that many who wish to use office spaces have to do so a bit further out, like in the West. But is there anything you miss out on if your office space is in White City rather than in the centre centre?

The answer is a resounding no. In fact, West London hosts offices of some of the largest corporations in the world, many of which you would recognise – these range from Amazon to the BBC, Unilever, Google, L’Oreal or even Pokémon. It’s a fantastic place for startups too, with a high availability of capital and customers alike. The area also hosts a knowledgeable workforce, excellent transport links both to the centre and to Heathrow Airport, and many industry clusters. We even did a whole article on it!

So in short, White City in West London is a fantastic place to work from!

The benefits of private office space at Venture X

Now all that’s out of the way, let’s get into why a private Level 6 office space at Venture X could be perfect for businesses of multiple employees looking to set up in London: 

  • Floor-to-ceiling windows: let the light flood in and enjoy an open, airy atmosphere. A sunny day pouring into the office is sure to boost any mood!
  • Private AV connected meeting rooms: equipped with the latest technology to support seamless virtual and in-person meetings, or even hybrid meetings.
  • Amazing views: soak in the stunning views of White City from every corner of your office! Overlooking the BBC television building, skyscrapers, and the Westfield ‘plaza’ downstairs.
  • Private panoramic roof terrace: perfect for meetings, breaks, or simply to unwind and take in the views, perfect for a sunny day in London (and yes, we have those!).
  • Varied office sizes: these range from 20 to 150 desks (700sq ft to 4,000 sq ft), which are ideal for teams of various sizes, with plenty of room to grow. Our offices are priced per desk.
  • Bespoke layouts: customise your office space to perfectly suit the specific needs of your business! This could include different layouts, decorations, and branding, so it really feels like the true home of the business.

If you’re looking for something smaller, you may wish to consider some of Venture X’s other packages, such as hotdesking or a dedicated desk. You may even wish to consider making Venture X a simple virtual office. To see the benefits included for all of hotdesking, dedicated desking and a private office, as well as an overview of the differences between each, check out our article here.

If all this sounds interesting, as always, our advice is to book a consultation to determine what’s best for you!

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