Flexible Shared Office Spaces in West London

The pandemic has fundamentally changed our approach to office life. According to a survey by IPA conducted in June 2021, a new outlook towards our professional lives and wellbeing has led to: “89% of adults now favouring a fully flexible approach to turning to the office”; the same survey featured the key drivers for returning to a workspace: seeing colleagues face-to-face (48%), getting out of the house (41%) and easier collaboration with colleagues (34%). It’s therefore easy to see why the demand for flexible shared office spaces is increasing.

Venture X social space at Chiswick Park

Whether you’re a freelancer looking for a more social space, a start-up wanting to move out of your garden shed or a company that has handed back the keys to your private office, here are the innumerable benefits flexible workspaces in London offer:


Benefits for companies of flexible shared office spaces

Cost-effectiveness and versatility for your business

The pandemic has shown us that physical space has to add purpose and value to be viable for a business. London’s flexible workspaces allow you to adapt your office setup as you require, an invaluable benefit in an unpredictable and ever-changing world.

Help attract the best talent

As so many people are now looking to have the option of both working remotely and in an office environment, working in a shared space and being able to stagger office days for your teams are a valuable way of attracting the best talent by offering the flexibility they’re craving.

Everything on one site

Our hybrid office spaces provide everything from state of the art technology, IT support, well-designed workspaces and meeting rooms on-demand in a space that can expand with your business as and when necessary. All of this without the financial burden of the traditional private office

Expand your office space as you need

If you only need a meeting room or event space sporadically, flexible shared office spaces allow you to use the additional facilities on demand, whether it’s for a few hours or full days.

Working as a team face-to-face

The benefit of being able to collaborate on projects more easily and brainstorm together in person is invaluable. Having the chance to do this – without extortionate London rental contracts – in an inspiring space can lead to greater focus, increased productivity and can boost the morale of your team. 

Group meeting at Venture X space

Staff wellbeing

In a world where people are now more wary and considerate in terms of bugs and sickness, people are less likely to come into the office if they have a cough or cold.

Our workspaces in West London allow you to cater for those able and wanting to join the team in the office with no pressure on those who are under the weather. This flexibility is invaluable to both your business and the wellbeing of the team.


A big advantage of flexible shared office spaces is the fact you get to be amongst other successful businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Our events space offers a great chance for networking and building connections and we look forward to hosting upcoming local networking events with Hounslow Chamber and West London Business

Events at Ventue X

Benefits for staff

Optimal work environment

Flexible shared office spaces are specifically designed to be comfortable, secure and inspiring places, meeting the needs of each member. Everything from the location of the offices in London and hospitality level service to the ergonomically designed desks is specifically chosen to provide the optimum environment.

Social interaction

As demonstrated by the IPA survey, the key attraction of returning to a workspace for staff is interaction and time with colleagues and friends. The ability to meet face-to-face, enjoy a coffee together, share a lunch break or after-work drinks shouldn’t be underestimated.

These interactions can foster valuable personal and professional relationships that are hard to replicate purely working online. 

People enjoying a coffee at Venture X

Creating boundaries

To differentiate your working space and from your home life can help you to switch off and recharge so that in the office you’re truly ‘on’.  This in turn can lead to greater focus and productivity in the office, and less stress and distraction at home. 

It can also prevent loneliness or demotivation from working solely at home, where you might be having to use your usual space to relax into an office or desk.

Personal Wellbeing

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, developed by behavioural scientist Abraham Maslow in 1954, shows a pyramid of human needs ranging from physiological (food and water) to self-actualisation (growth, peak experiences and satisfying self-esteem).

He argues you must meet physiological needs, at least in part, before addressing those higher up the pyramid. Just up from the fundamental physiological needs lie our safety needs. 

Safety needs include financial security, health, employment and wellbeing.

Well-designed workspaces are fundamental in ensuring the ‘work’ part of our work-life balance and safety are met.

Member discounts

Members at Venture X’s flexible workspaces can also take advantage of discounts for local gym memberships and restaurants meaning you can take full advantage of your time spent out of the house and being in West London!

Venture X discount card

Education, training and development

State-of-the-art technology

Our flexible workspaces provide an array of facilities at your fingertips. You can focus on the valuable role of the training and development of your team, networking or growing your business.

At Venture X there is something for everyone: small private meeting rooms;  fully-equipped boardrooms; spacious event rooms; meeting pods and even a new recording studio.

Both of our locations in London, Chiswick Park and White City, come with best-in-class AV equipment and on-site setup assistance, complete with beautiful views of the city.

We also offer state of the art security using Salto Keys on our doors for peace of mind.

And for the safest and most hygienic way to enjoy a barista-quality coffee, we even offer touchless coffee

Training and development according to different needs

The development of your company or of your teams rests on the individuals within it. Everybody works and learns differently.

Myers Brigg’s personality types can highlight the differing requirements from their office space. Explorers, for example, are highly creative and prefer to be in shared office spaces, whereas visionaries are creative yet prefer a quieter space with fewer distractions.

The beauty of a hybrid space in London is that you can choose areas that fit your needs and the needs of your team and their development.

Whether it’s a private and spacious workstation, a desk in the member’s lounge or a relaxed team meeting room, you can book the space that works for you and gets the most from your team.

West London

Local delights

Flexible workspaces in West London allow you to be in the heart of a dynamic and exciting part of the city. On the doorstep of London’s west end, it has easy access to theatres and museums such as the Natural History Museum and Museum of brands.

It’s easy to see why it’s becoming a mecca for start-ups, freelancers, entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) all in search of working space in an area of London bursting with culture, innovation and entrepreneurship. 

Both Venture X London locations in Chiswick Park and White City are surrounded by great cafes and restaurants and often feature pop-up restaurants to eat with stunning views across the lake.

Views across the Lake at Chiswick Park


With great transport links to Central London, national rail links and Heathrow, they offer a great space for entertaining clients or welcoming international partners.

Venture X boasts offices in 50 locations worldwide from Dubai to California so for international businesses with clients visiting London, it offers the ultimate flexible working experience.

International office with Venture X

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